Mantrid - Am I Alive?

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Mantrid - Am I Alive?

Postby JonnyCC » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:18 pm

In final episodes of Season 2 - Brizon & End of the Universe

(taken from wikipedia)

"The crew of the Lexx tried several gambits to defeat Mantrid once they became aware of his activities (revealed by "patches in the sky", regions where his drones had consumed all matter). They located Brizon, his old teacher, who attempted to "hack" the distributed control network of the Mantrid drones to shut them down. Mantrid tricked Brizon into thinking he had succeeded, then when Brizon attempted to transfer his own mind into Mantrid's machine to take his place, Mantrid killed him. The crew of the Lexx subsequently attempted to construct their own more efficient version of a Mantrid drone with the intent of setting it loose to feed exclusively on Mantrid's, but by that point the numerical superiority of Mantrid's drones meant that no matter how efficient the new drones were they would still be completely overwhelmed and destroyed in battle. Finally they attempted to locate and destroy Mantrid himself, using Lyekka who could locate Mantrid's mind with relative ease now that most other life in the universe was gone. This too failed when the Lexx found that Mantrid's ship was hidden in a swarm of millions of identical decoys, preventing it from destroying it before Mantrid was able to summon drones to defend him.

This last gambit turned out to be Mantrid's ultimate downfall, however. Kai contacted Mantrid during the battle and taunted him to the point where Mantrid summoned all of his drones to deal with the Lexx, sending the universe's mass streaming inward from all directions towards that single point in space. An unstoppable Big Crunch is set in motion as a result, the drones' gravity drawing the remaining unconsumed matter of the universe in along with them. The Lexx manages to escape moments before the end of the universe through a natural portal to the Dark Zone that always existed at the center of mass of each universe, which thanks to Mantrid's overkill was moved to their location.

Mantrid and a few of his drones also managed to slip through the portal as the Light Zone ended, his own ship destroyed so that only a small computer core carried by a single drone arm was left of him. Rather than immediately begin rebuilding his swarms, though, he first slipped aboard the Lexx and attempted to kill the crew. Kai destroyed the remaining drones, leaving Mantrid's computer brain lying helplessly on the floor screaming "I destroyed a universe!" until Xev crushed it under her heel.

Mantrid makes an appearance in the third season as well, resurrected on the desolate planet Fire to suffer punishment for his choices. This version of Mantrid had a full and seemingly healthy body, but he was dazed and seemed to have great difficulty remembering his past. (He was also dressed in a black cloak with a black headscarf, leaving only his face exposed.) He was able to call upon some of his dimly recalled scientific expertise in order to help an ailing Kai, although dealing with Cluster technology again seemed to stir up some of Mantrid's old, sinister personality. Finally he was killed once again, and his dying words were, "I destroyed a universe! And my suffering is over... for now." (On the hell-like planet Fire, those who were killed were always resurrected soon after to begin their punishment again.)

When Fire and Water were eventually destroyed, Mantrid presumably was sent to Earth, along with the other souls who had been on the two planets previously. He was never shown on Earth, however. His final fate remains unknown."

So there's a possiblity that he's still alive although in what shape or form remains the question!

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Postby 12ClaySparrows » Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:18 am

Most likely he was part of the crew that was looking for the mass of the Higgs Boson particle. Wouldn't you think?

Or he might have been digging ditches....

Either way, he was a very interesting character and he did destroy a universe!

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Postby Stanelle » Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:22 am

We have 45 minutes to go here in Amishland, Ohio!! :D

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Postby Dark Dragon Dave » Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:51 am

Got an hour and fifteen minutes here in the Central Time Zone.
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Postby n5-kopele » Fri Jan 01, 2010 2:22 pm

Mantrid should have been on Longbore's place as a leader of the project to determine the mass of the Higgs Boson. But then, that would have been too suspisious for the crew and they would never trust him...

Yeah, too bad they didn't use him on Earth. Imagine an alliance between Prince and Mantrid.
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