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Postby Elizabeth » Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:06 am

Veyron wrote:
ILyekkaKai wrote:Ahhh , ok ...thanks for the mini lesson Veyron :-D :smt023 that case then... I hate fresh tomatoes.
..they literally make me gag :smt078

Cooked ones are alright though. :smt023

You probably hate "fresh" tomato because what you are buying is genetically modified for shelf life. Most grocery store food is modified to extend shelf life. All fruits will ripen. Banana, avacodo, tomoato is the same. But if the variety is poor, so is the ripened fruit.

Something wierd, nearly all bananas in the world are cloned. Kind of spooky. Botany 101: Plants can be regenerated by two ways, seeds (which allow genetic variation) or cloning (cut off a portion and reproduce it). You can clone most plants by making a so called "cutting" and get it to root, and forever make gazillions of clones. This isnt scifi, its every day agriculture.

"Genetic" modification aside, plants have been selectively cultivated for centuries, animals also.

Many people have a distaste for various foods....Broccoli and Cauliflower when spoiled have the most awful smell. Same for every species of fish. The other side is, fruits that are agriculturally modified to extend shipping and shelf life, tend to not be very tasty.

Tomatos....if you cant smell them from 3 feet away, as something wonderful, dont even bother buying any. This is kind of a rule for all fruits.

If you could taste fresh Italian sliced tomato with fresh mozzarela cheese and real olive oil with balsamic vinagrette, maybe some fresh basil sprinkled, you might change your mind.

Couldn?t agree with you more. I cook/eat fresh organic tomatoes on a daily basis?in fact I just planted some Roma, and Grosse Lisse tomatoes yesterday. And I have cruciferous vegies all year round in my garden as they omit the compound sulforaphane which counteracts environmental oxidants, stresses, anti-cancer, antidiabetic, antimicrobial properties...etc.

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