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    Lexxfans FAQ: Divine Cleric Rules, Helpful Hints, 'n Stuff

    Lexxfans FAQ: Divine Cleric Rules, Code of Conduct, and *Coming Soon to a Theater Near You* information regarding how to create avatars and where to purchase Lexx DVDs (among other topics).

    But for now, here's what we have:


    In agreeing to post here, we request that you be considerate of fellow Lexxians. This should be very easy to do. In fact, it?s so easy that there are only two things that you need to remember.

    In keeping with the teachings of the immortal Bill & Ted, the rules are thus:

    #1 - Be excellent, to each another.
    #2 - Party on, dudes!

    We realize that some clarification may be needed for #1, so please read on. (And yes, there will be a test afterwards, so pay attention!)

    #1 - Be excellent to each another - encompasses, but is not limited to, the following:

    Don?t be a jerk - This includes name-calling and abusive language directed towards other bored members. Don?t make threats, flame, or harass anyone, or make insulting comments about other bored members. Don?t make racist, sexist, or discriminatory comments. Don?t post anything blatantly pornographic. Don?t make inflammatory accusations about other bored members, even if you believe they are true.

    This doesn?t mean that you can?t argue your opinions. Good discussions, even heated discussions can be informative, productive, and enjoyable. Just don?t resort to personal attacks.

    If an inflammatory remark slips by the moderators, don?t respond with further insults or inappropriate comments. Instead, report the post to a moderator.

    Do not use Private Messaging to get around the rules regarding insults, threats, or harassment. If someone harasses you via Private Messaging, report it to a moderator.

    Never violate a person's privacy by publishing information that could be considered private and personal without first having obtained that person's permission. This includes information obtained by private e-mails, private messaging, in chat, or in real life.

    Normally, violations will be dealt with on a ?Three Strikes, You?re Out,? basis. Violations will be given a public and private warning. Upon the third violation, that person will be banned.

    However, as an exception to the "Three Strikes, You're Out" policy, anyone who makes comments deemed excessively or flagrantly offensive and/or inflammatory or who makes personal attacks will receive a public and private warning. If the offense is repeated a second time, that person will be banned immediately.

    Moderators may not always be able to monitor the contents of posted messages, and we depend upon you to inform us when bored members or their messages violate these policies. Likewise, moderators may not be able to respond immediately to these notices and some time may pass before any action is taken.

    If you are new to message boards or to the net in general, please take a moment or two to look over this site on Netiquette:

    Core Rules of Netiquette

    Done reading? Now for the test. No looking back.

    Take a #2 pencil and on a blank piece of paper write your name in the upper left hand corner.

    Just kidding. ;)

    All you have to remember to enjoy yourself at Lexxfans is to play nice, or Be Excellent to Each Other, or in the case of our Bored, Be LEXXELLENT to Each Other! And remember, we don?t have to agree with each other to be excellent to each other.

    Now for the most important thing of all: PARTY ON, DUDES!

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    Re: Lexxfans FAQ: Divine Cleric Rules, Helpful Hints, 'n Stu


    1. What are they and what are the related rules?
    2. How do you post one?
    3. How do you get one?

    1. What is an avatar?

    Well, apart from being a bodily manifestation of the divine, your avatar is the face you put forth to the message board. It is a small picture that will appear on your posts under your name. It can be a picture of almost anything in the two universes.

    The rules pertaining to avatars are few and flexible. Firstly, the bored will only accept avatars with a maximum of 150 x 150 pixels that use 341K of memory or less. Secondly, it is not appropriate to use another member's avatar (either a current one or one they have used in the past), without their permission.

    Of course we also request that you use a measure of good taste in choosing your avatars. As we are Lexxians, that gives you a lot of room to play with. If other members complain about the inappropriateness of your avatar you will be expected to weather the storm on your own until we see that you are clearly losing the battle. At which point we may request you change it.

    2. How do you post an avatar?

    First you must register as a bored user. Once you are registered you can go to your User Control Panel, which will provide you with a number of user options.

    Along the top of the page, there are a series of tabs. Click on the one labeled 'Profile'. Now, there are a series of tabs down the left hand side of the page, one of them labeled 'Edit avatar'. Click on that.

    To upload a picture from your computer, use the browse button to select the correctly-sized picture of your choice on your computer, enter in the dimensions of the picture in the appropriate field, then hit 'submit'.

    To upload a picture from another website on the Internet (Photobucket, tinypic, imagehsack, etc) , simply enter the address (url), enter in the image dimensions, and hit submit. Remember the avatar should be no bigger than 150 x 150 pixels and take no more than 341K of memory.

    3. How do you get an avatar?

    You can find one on-line or make one yourself.

    Online there are plenty of options. The following sites have lots of free avatars that you can use including animated avatars:

    You can also do an image search using Google and upload images that appeal to you.

    You can make your own avatar by using the picture of your choice and downsizing it to the requisite size. There are several different types of software that will allow you to do this. For a free image editor, try GIMP.

    If you want to try your hand at making your own animated avatars, has free, easy to use software that will allow you to make a couple of avatars before requesting you pay for it. Another site that has a free download for animating your own avatars is

    Be original. Have fun.[/quote]

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    Re: Lexxfans FAQ: Divine Cleric Rules, Helpful Hints, 'n Stu


    This process can best by summed up by referencing XS4Xevr's previous help on this subject in the Help Forum. Many thanks to XS4Xevr for his permission to reproduce his post.

    To add a little COLOR or COLOUR to Life:

    First type in some text, like:
    This is a Sample Text Line.

    Then with your mouse cursor you highlight and select the text you want to colorize. Then Click! on the "FONT COLOUR:" button above and Click! on the color you want.

    This adds the required "BB Code" to do the job:

    [code:25jh2gys]This is a Sample Text Line.[/code]

    -to both ends of your selection.

    You can also manually type in the "[color=XXX:25jh2gys]" to the beginning of the text you wish to colorize, and then "[/color]" at the end. (These have to exist in pairs in "BB Code".)
    If you wish to use a color that isn't in the color palette, go here, and copy the hex code in after the [color=
    Not all color names are recognized, so it is best to go with the Hex Code.

    One reference site with the Color Names of many Colors is at:

    And there are many others. (A list is especially nice for when you want to copy "MediumSpringGreen" and paste it in instead of typing it.)
    Also on the above webpage, you can select the color you are using as your background, and it will display all the other colors so you can see how each would appear.

    Colorizing each letter of a word requires this done individually to each letter:

    You can also add other formatting to the text in addition to color, making it Bold, Italic, Underlined, or of differing text sizes, or any combination or even all of these, as long as you keep the matched pairs of BBCoding straight.

    Colors in "]signatures" can also be done this way.

    One of the Considerations in selecting Colors, is to be aware that not everyone is using the same "BOARD STYLE" as you, so selecting very light colors would not display well on STYLE that uses a light background, nor dark colors on a dark background.

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    Where to buy Lexx DVDs

    First things first. Know what region you are in, and buy the proper format for that region.


    Region 1 - Canada, USA, Bermuda, US Territories
    Region 2 - Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, Greenland, South Africa
    Region 3 - Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Borneo, Indonesia, Taiwan,
    Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, Central America, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean
    Region 5 - Eastern Europe, Russia, the rest of Africa, India, Mongolia, North Korea
    Region 6 - Mainland China
    Region 7 - reserved for future use
    Region 8 - International venues such as aircraft, cruise ships, etc.
    Region 9 - ? (not assigned ?)
    Region 0 (or Region All) ? playable in all regions

    The "picture is worth a 1000 words" version:

    To purchase Lexx DVDs:

    *Search tip: On any particular site, you may need to search for the keywords "Lexx," "Tales From a Parallel Universe," and/or the individual names of the first four Lexx movies.

    Also, please note: this list is not intended to be an endorsement of any site or sites.

    Canada and the USA:

    Deep Discount DVD

    DVD TV

    DVD Box

    Europe - Germany - UK - UK

    DiscShop - Sweden



    If you have any additions, corrections, or wish to report a dead link, please Private Message any moderator.

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