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Thread: Zev or Xev?

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    Flip a coin Xev on one side Kia one the other it is heads up no matter who comes up. being of a liberated mind they share the same dream. I chose both what else, Xev with that classic beauty and Kia with his quite composed calm (that only the true dead can posess) I'm so confused..... :shock: ....Ok! Ok! I give in. XEV XEV XEV, as if there was any doubt :twisted: Being a Dragon I just love that lizzard skin :P :D "TRULY TWISTED" I must confess. lol
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    Xev. All night by the Xev Xev.

    Zev (Eva) is cool, but Xenia took the role, seized it, and made it her own.

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    I would have voted for xev over zev. Xev is way hotter. Zev didnt have any lips and I like lips on a woman! Ofcourse I still like kai the best but if its a xev and zev contest then xev wins. I originally liked the show because of xev, I saw season 2 first. Sadly I only started to like kai after watching the show for awhile thats when I fell in love with kai but I am originally a xev fan.

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    I liked the blue hair.
    Turns out Gin is still alive. Dying but not dead yet. I hope he is saved.

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