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    Favourite LEXX season?

    Can't believe this poll wasn't here already, given the season 4 discussions especially. Or is this poll possibly lurking somewhere else?

    Anyhow.. your favourite LEXX season? :)

    Season 4 really is out of the question for me though, it's a close call between 1-3.. but I think, I must opt for season 2 after all!

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    I voted for S2. it is definitely my favorite season. it's very much Star Trek-ish... something that I really like :oops: . S3 is too grim and what I don't like with S4 is that it's mostly playing on Earth. I like S1 ok but I can only vote for 1 season so that's why I chose S2...

    gela :)

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    Definitely S3. The introduction of Prince added a whole new dimension to the series. I love the complex story lines and the way one episode contributes to following episodes. :smt023

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    I've just watched a few S3 eps this evening, which were enjoyable, but also helped to remind me that S2 is the best (perhaps tied with S1). I personally feel that S3 was too long- the concept could have been effectively explored in fewer eps. S2 was coherent, creative, and memorable- every ep had striking dialogue and amazing characters.
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    Season 2 is the best :D
    followed by Season 1 then 3
    i can't really judge S4 bcos i've only seen 2 eps, speaking of S4, its on tonight :D

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    I actually enjoy all of the Lexx seasons (even 4-forgive me), but 2 is the best IMO. It just gave so much insight into the light universe and the characters.

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    Well I had to vote for Season 3. Definitely unique.

    I do like all the series, been watching them through from Season 1 and am currently up to the middle of Season 4 (Bad Carrot). Season 4 just got weird, but I still like it ;-)
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    I am not the person who voted for S4. I voted for S2. I still like S4 nonetheless.
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    :-D by far season 3 really turned my head. Although it was a hard choice :? Lets see 3 or 4.....4 or 3....hummmm :roll: by now I'm thinking that 3 had thosr wonderful excape moments and of course 790 ran some great lines through out it all. And then there's 4.... what a mad house :twisted: I keep saying "why don't they just put an end to the whole banging bunch of them soooooo twisted! :oops: ] oh my I can't say, I'm soooo confused....ALL RIGHT 4, 4, 4, . Hummmmm I really do love them all and it's unfair and down right mean to make us choooose like that :P Well I've got to take little min-pin for his walk see ya. 8)
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