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    Who has inspired you? -and no, not your MOM!

    Over the years we've all had a lot of inspiration in our lives, whether it be from our friends or your insane mom. ;) But since none of us know your crazy mom, (and yes we all have them :P ) lets talk about mainstream influences - characters or people that have influenced your personality and lifestyle.

    Here?s some characters that stand out to me and have helped defined my personality:

    Mr. Bean (Brittish commedy show) - This guy man, he can make anything fun. So that?s what I do in life, I enjoy it - simple as that. I go about my day finding amusement from anything imaginable, and I always keep myself entertained. :) (for example just now i was deciding whether to capitalize 'you' in the thread title when i came to the conclusion that 'You' is stupid word. :lol: It just looks funny man!)

    Gaius Baltar (Battlestar Galactica - Brilliant guy gone insane) - I love this guy. Great style, I've even tailored a dress shirt to look like that sweet suit from the mini-series. :lol: -will post a pic soon-ish. ;) Like Baltar, i love contemplating ends and manipulating my own thought. One thing in particular that Baltar has directly influenced, is the way I go about my work - I'm the type that really enjoys tasks that require a lot of thinking. Whenever I come up w/ a brilliant idea i get all excited about it and it propels me forward. Also, Baltar, among others, has lead me to convince myself that I would be perfectly happy if I ever went insane. :lol:

    Stanley Tweedle (Lexx) - Thanks to Stanley, I truly enjoy myself and take amusement in my own fallacies. Like Stanley I often forget about basic common sense, in the pursuit of what ever is interesting me at the moment. :lol:

    (btw, a collage of all of these pictures would be hillarous :D )
    Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) - Jack was a catalyst in helping me make the all important shift from sarcasm to witty humor. This shift has really contributed to my fun and nutty personality. ;)

    So who has inspired your personality?

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    Good thread Cloaked :D


    Lexx as a show had a big influence on me! :D

    The people here - you guys have all been so nice and I love it here. Thanks :smt023

    Mae West :lol: :D

    And the Fiance - he's helped me with lots of stuff (and tough times) and I'm grateful to him for that :D (still could strange him sometimes though :P :P :P :P ) :lol:

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