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    Yotts? LOL, that would be Yoyo. ;)

    Where is Yotts BTW? Long time no see!

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    Oh boy, it has been a while. :lol: Sry for name mix-up, I went to use a short nick and instead of yoyo, yotts poped into da brain. :?

    Not sure how i mix up a old clerk and a Jackanapes tho, lol. ;)

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    sorry I'm so late but nice article
    it makes me miss lexx in the worst kinda way
    its been a long time. I was stuck in a time warp thats why I havent been on untill now.

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    The greatest thing about being a Lexx fan is enjoying the fact that 95 percent of the world don't get its wit.

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    Yeah, but it sometimes does get in the way of normal human relationships :/
    Lexxian forever :)

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    flipper!!! Whoa. Dude!!!! Good to see you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    "most Canadians were vaguely embarrassed by it?they wished it came from another country."
    Wow. I will so adopt it if they don't want it. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Donovan via
    "with a little bit of integrity, I hope . . . to continue on after that would have been, from my point of view, extremely cheese ball. . . . For me, Lexx ended with the last show. I hope no one ever does anything more and I don't think the show was successful enough to motivate money to give it a further try."
    My thought's exactly.
    It would almost... ruin... the ending if anything was done to continue with it.
    Sadly. :(

    More disturbing than your creepy uncle...

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    Re: Nice *new* article about Lexx

    Nice old article about Lexx. Thanks.

    I recall on the old board, we wondered what it would feel like when LEXX, and us, got old. Now we know lol.

    Just marathoned the whole thing, and seeing the little thing in the credits got me thinking about the forums, just like it did what 12 years ago?
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    Re: Nice *new* article about Lexx

    Thanks for dropping by ;)

    If you've got nothing better to do... click this

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