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    Getting a general error messsage

    I've had this message twice this evening. It hasn't stopped my posts appearing, but I thought maybe somebody should know. Any ideas what it means?

    Failed sending email :: PHP ::


    Line : 234
    File : emailer.php

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    I don't know what that means. I've gotten it several times myself when posting or sending PMs. It doesn't seem to affect the posts being made or the PMs being sent though. I'll have to refer the question to someone more knowledgeable than me.

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    Because of the sundry modifications that have been added to the bored over the past few years, there are a few glitches, including false error messages.

    I have seen error messages after entering a post several times over the past year, only to find my post shining in all its inanity a few minutes later.

    I suspect that the prob is with the server, so there is little that we can do about it.
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    When you submit the post, the last thing the software does is send the notification e-mails. So, when this error message crops up, your post will have gotten through just fine.

    Sending e-mail is usually handled by an e-mail server not integral to the forum software, and when that goes down you get the message. Therefore, it's not a bug in the software itself, but they could have found a more elegant manner of dealing with these errors, like giving you a link to your new post or something.

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    Actually, that makes perfect sense. :smt023

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