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    Oldie But Goodie: I Will Follow You!!

    Oldie but Goodie: I Will follow You!!

    (What used to be known as Valdron's disclaimer!!)

    (This is an adult message board, I feel very little need to say that this is an adult lexx story!!)

    Part 1:

    I,..Mary Sue,...had followed the Amish Hexer's Advice and directions to the letter and had found the street and little shop as promised. I just hoped that she hadn't gone to the bank yet and found that the check, that I had paid her for her advice...most likely was going to bounce!!

    The Little Shop of Lexxfull Things was, indeed,.."round the corner,..down the street,..round the bend,..over the skylight,..and a little further than the last stop sign!!" Hiding in it's little dark corner of the Street of No Return, the shop greeted it's prospective customers with the challenge:


    Shivering in anticipation,..I entered into the shop and asked the darkly hooded and heavily veiled propriatress if I could look around. She nodded her bulging, swollen head, covered by her multitudinous veils, and murmured,.."Why yes! Yes, of course!!"

    Emboldened,..I flashed the amulet that the hexer had sold me for the occasion. It was with great satisfaction that I saw the propriatress fall back as if stunned when she "accidently" saw it. Boldly, I lay the bright shiny stone on the counter before her and watched her cringe away from it with an almost absolute horror.

    "Where did you get that?" she whispered almost as if something was stealing her breath from her body.

    "From one,..who understands what I want and need in this life!!' I whispered triumphantly to her as I spread the locket out before her to the full length of it's chain, "And that those needs spring from my past lives into my present life!!"

    The propriatress led me to a far dark corner of the shop and reached up high on a dusty shelf,...and brought down a large bundle,..which was wrapped in black tissue paper.

    "Unwrap the bundle," the darkly hooded shop owner whispered to me,.."Unwrap the bundle, and the locket will transport you into the living body of the True Love of the first owner of the contents of this package. Touch your Firestone to the Firestone of this bundle,..the Firestone on the front of the jacket and, for a short time, your soul will overide the soul of the young woman that HE once loved!!"

    "Yes!" I know that!" I smiled at the propriatress,.."I am a "True-Blue-Mary Sue" and the Hexer explained all that to me!!"

    Eagerly,..I unwrapped the dark paper to reveal the brightly colored rainbow suit of the male Brunnin G NewBorn clothing. With great satisfaction,..I found the large jewel in the center of the jacket. With trembling fingers,..I pressed the tiny jewel in the center of the amulet to the bright bauble,..which had once rested on the chest of the NewBorn Brunnin male,.."whose story was the most important story ever told in the universe!!"

    "Wooot!!" I squealed, "Kai,..I'm coming for you!!"

    (To be continued!!)

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    An Oldie But Goodie: I Will Follow You!

    An Oldie But goodie: I Will Follow You!

    (What used to be called Valderon's disclaimer! (Good old VD!!)


    Part 2

    Lai, Kai's sweetheart, speaks: very..much..MALE!! The feel of his hand on my shoulder was almost too much for me! He spin me around. I jerked under his touch!

    "It's been seven days!!" he whispered into my ear,.."I feeling like I am wasting away from a lack of..!"

    Bright color heated my cheeks, "You haven't died from a lack of it!!"

    "No!" he stormed and pouted at me,..his lower lip sticking out like a two year olds',.."But I am almost dead from need!!"

    I felt perspiration beading from my forehead as he again spun me around to face him. He looked spectacularly handsome in the summer sunlight of an afternoon on Brunnis 2!!!

    I had gone down to the Grape Arbor in the children's Out Door Garden to gather some grapes and he had followed me there to see if he could persuade me to help him.."satisfy his needs"...there..among the vines!!

    The sun slanted down on his glossy black bun and braid. His sultry pout turned into a dazzling smile as he studied my blushing face. His brilliant smile showed his gleaming white teeth.

    "You know you want me!!" he half whispered as he suddenly seized my shoulder.

    The next thing I knew,..his mouth was on my mouth. His lips were brutal as they crushed my lips against my teeth. His fingers squeezed my upper arms and he pulled me even closer to him!!

    His hard mouth moved on mine again, and harshly his tongue thrust its' way into my mouth all unbidden, ultimate invasion!!

    I moaned!! He pulled me even closer as I felt his arousal!! I felt my heart pounding against his chest!! His thrusting tongue explored the inside of my mouth and a gusher of fire shot from his mouth to mine and throughout my entire body!!

    Under the intoxicating influence of his mouth, I forgot..everything..but the hot pounding of my blood in my veins and the stacato rhythm heart!! My breast swelled against his hard muscled chest. A wonderful moistness from a swelling weakness..pulsed to life..between my legs!!

    ....Then, head felt like it was going to explode and I felt myself depart from my own body!! My soul and mind had been pushed out of my OWN body!! I stood, a wraith form watching Kai kiss my body, which was inhabited...BY SOMEONE ELSE!!

    (To Be CONTINUED!!)

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    Very good story, Stanelle. :smt023

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    An arousing kiss, exciting all of ones senses. How delicious.

    A yummy read Stanelle? :smt023

    a myriad of roses, a symphony of fragrances

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    Oldie But Goodie: I Will Follow You!

    Oldie but Goodie: I will Follow You!! (Valdron's Atiquated disclaimers)

    Interlude: The Bounce!!

    The Hexer had taken the check that Mary Sue had given her to the bank and had been appalled to find that the account upon which the check was drawn,..had a label of "insufficient funds!!" For a moment,..the Hexer considered turning Mary Sue into a toad or a weasal. Her anger, however,..did not dim her good sense! The best punishment for ANY Mary Sue is to let the Mary Sue get within sight of their desired goal and then,..not be allowed to complete that goal!!

    "You will have you wish,..Miss Mary Sue!!" the Old Hexer smiled,.."But you will have it in opposition as to what your orignally desired!! And it all starts with a "pit stop!!" You have to perform a disagreable bodily function!! and for you,'s ALL down hill from there!!"

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    An Oldie But goodie!!: I Will Follow You!!

    And Oldie But Goodie: I Will Follow You!! (Valdron's disclaimers) Part 3:

    Lai's betrayed Newborn Lover speaks:

    Before Lai became the beloved of kai,..she was my One True love!! She left me for the arms of Kai because HE was prettier than I am. As they have been sneaking around to meet with one another,.I still consider Lai, mistress.

    Lai pretends that she is still faithful to me,..but she is guilty!! My mistress is guilty! I saw her meeting Kai as he approached her in the Children's Garden,..down by the grape arbor!! They spread their melded shadow out in front of me as I stood hidden inthe shadow of the vines!! Her arms were outstretched to him as he took her in his arms and she bent her face up to him and I heard her say to him,.."My need is also now very urgent!! We must go back indoors!!"

    Kai smiled,.."All right,..I see now that you intend to keep your promise to me!!"

    "I HAVE TO GO IN NOW!!" she insisted so great was Kai's effect on her!!

    I blushed to think that she had never shone such a need for me in our whole past relationship!! What a passion she must have for this veritable "baby" of twenty three years,..this Kai!!

    "Yes!!" he said in the purest baritone,..that I had ever heard,.."We can do what we must do this afternoon indoors or here!! All of the elders are napping!! But if you want to go in, we will go!!"

    "You better believe I GOTTA go!!" Lai almost hissed in Kai's ear!! Oh she was shameless!! She was absolutely shameless!!

    These two had precious little pity for the betrayed NewBorn Lover, who might be watching them!! If either one of them had had a merciful bone in their bodies,..they would not have displayed themselve thusly in the late afternoon sun!!

    My mistress was trying to hop around on one foot as she moaned,.."Just show me WHERE I can go to use the facilities,..Kai! I have to go inside NOW!"

    "Before we go in," Kai begged her as he caught her wrists,.."Just give me one more hot kiss!"

    My Lai was pushing against Kai urgently as if trying to get around him and moving her hands across the granite-like flesh of his chest as if she were caressing his flesh! He probably felt very muscular and dangerous to her as all newBorn males their females!!

    Then, still holding Lai tightly in his arms, Kai kissed her forehead,..eyelids,..and brows as she seemed to struggle against him!! Kai moaned,.."Oh wait!! Let's have our interlude here!!..Just wait before we go in!!!!"

    "I might not be able to wait!!" Lai shrieked,.."I gotta hurry! where are your facilities?"

    Why would Lai,..a NewBorn, Kai and myself,..born and raised on Brunnis 2, have to ask a question like that?

    (to be continued!!)

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