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    Doctor Who meets Lexx

    A little mid-season break from my fanfic with a cross-over :)
    Events take place in Lexx'es season 1 and Doctor Who's season 4.

    Doctor Who special: Hunted in the Dark Zone / Lexx special: The Retreaval Unit

    Starring: Brian Downey, David Tennant, Eva Habermann, Catherine Tate, Michael McManus

    Part 1

    Stan stood on the Lexx?es control pedestal and was looking at the screen with a worred look. Zev was on the floor at his left, also looking at the screen.
    - Lexx, are you sure you can?t outrun it?! ? Stan shouted at the screen.
    - I?m sorry, Stanley, the retreaval unit ship is faster than me and is still gaining. I am going at my full speed ? the ship explained.
    - Are you sure you won?t blow it up?
    - This ship is a member of the League of the 20,000. I am not permitted to destroy it.
    - Lexx, I am your captain, see? ? Stan rose his hand and it glew in yellow. ? I have your key! This ship is a threat to your captain, doesn?t that matter to you?!
    - No, Stan. But I can blow up a planet if you like?
    - Lexx?es memory is still confused from the passing through the Fractal Core ? 790 explained from Zev?s underarm.
    - What are our options? ? Zev asked.
    - There?s only one option. To wake Kai ? Stan said with determination.
    - No ? Zev grabbed his hand. ? He has only a few drops of proto-blood left. We can?t wake him until it?s absolutely necessary.
    - We have a retreaval unit about to board the Lexx, Zev, I?d say it?s absolutely necessary!
    - I agree with the unfortunate mixture of proteins, oh wonderful combination of all the beautiful elements! ? 790 concurred. ? Kai is your best and only defense against the Divine Order?s retreaval unit. Plus, it?s very likely that they have another Divine Assassin onboard like him. He?s our only bet against him.
    - Fine ? Zev agreed with a sad look on her face.
    - Good ? Stan nodded and headed to the cryochamber, but Zev didn?t let his hand go.
    - Not yet. We still have a couple of hours before they get to us, so it?s not absolutely necessary. You will not wake him up ? Zev gave Stanley an insisting look.
    - Fine! ? Stan pulled his hand away with an angry hand. ? But I?ll search for some weapons around. Lexx?s gotta have some. I suggest you do the same!
    - Good idea, Stan. Let?s go robot head ? Zev tapped the metal casing gently.
    - Wherever you want to be, I?ll be there with you! ? 790 showed supportiveness.

    The TARDIS was shaking and making lots of noises. Donna held herself to a big lever out of TARDIS?es central controls and the Doctor was hitting the machine with a hammer.
    - Doctor! ? Donna shouted in anger. ? I?m tired of your stupid time machine giving me bruises! Can?t you drive your own car?!
    - A minor turbolence, ladies and gentlemen, please hold on tight to? - the Doctor noticed what Donna had grabbed. ? Let that go, Donna, now!!
    - This lever is the only thing preventing me from falling down and getting another serious bruise! I?m going to sue you for phisical damages as soon as we go back to Earth, I promise you!
    - Let it go!
    Donna gave the Doctor a furious look and dropped the lever. The TARDIS shook hard and she fell on the floor with a scream. The lever went up by itself and the TARDIS stopped shaking.
    - Ohh! ? Donna sighed while standing up and rubbing her elbow. ? That?s gonna be a big purple one!
    - Do you always hold that lever when the TARDIS starts shaking? ? The Doctor asked with curiosity.
    - Yes, why?!
    - I also wondered why the TARDIS?s been out of balance recently. It was you and that? very important lever ? the Doctor lectured.
    - Well, you could have told me not to touch this particular lever earlier! ? Donna lectured back.
    - Anyway. We arrived ? the Doctor smiled and started walking towards the door.
    - Where? ? Donna asked still standing by the center.
    - How could I know? How many miliseconds did you hold the lever exactly?
    - I was a little busy trying to save myself to count the miliseconds!
    - Then I can?t know where and when we are either ? the Doctor smiled.
    - I have an idea ? Donna said with sarcasm. ? Let?s open the door and see.
    - My thoughts exactly ? he answered raising his elbow like a gentleman for Donna to take his arm.
    Donna approached him, pinched his cheek smilingly, then took his arm and opened the door with her other arm. She tried to step outside with her head lifted up proudly, but then startled back and shouted.
    - There?s no ground! ? She shouted.
    The Doctor looked outside and saw blackness and stars.
    - No. We?re in space ? he explained the situation.
    - Anything important nearby? ? Donna asked with a disappointed face.
    - We?ll know soon enough. Knowing our luck we?ll probably stumble upon an alien conspiration for total dominance over the galaxy.
    - And we?ll end up running for our lives?
    - Most probably.
    Suddenly something hit TARDIS hard. The door closed from the impact and the Doctor and Donna fell on it.
    - There it goes? - Donna said.

    - Stanley ? Lexx called Stan, while he was searching for weapons in the passage way.
    - Yes, Lexx? Is the ship boarding us?! ? He asked in panic.
    - They are still an hour away, but I wanted to inform you that I adjusted my course slightly to eat a little snack, that appeared in front of me, so that I can keep running at full speed - Lexx proudly announced its self-iniciative.
    - What do you mean appeared?!
    - I don?t know, Stanley. Maybe I failed to notice it before, because it was too small.
    - Whatever, Lexx, just keep going at full speed ? Stan commanded and went on, looking carefully at the floors and walls, searching for weapons. Suddenly he stopped again. ? Lexx?
    - Yes, Stan?
    - Have you by chance forgotten anything recently?
    - Like what, Stanley.
    - Lexx, I command you to blow up that ship behind us.
    - That ship is a member of the?
    - Yeah, yeah, whatever, I had to try ? Stan waved his hand and walked on.

    The TARDIS was shaking again and big metal things were hitting its outside.
    - Doctor, what?s going on?! ? Donna asked.
    - The TARDIS is shaking again.
    - I can see that! What are we going to do about it?!
    - Just don?t grab any levers!
    Another big bang sounded from the attick. The Doctor fell on the floor and Donna fell on him, unknowingly placing her hand between the Doctor?s legs. The Doctor jumped back.
    - Certainly none of my own personal levers! ? He gave her a reproaching look.
    - Sorry ? Donna moved her hand away, stood up and opened the door. The TARDIS was floating in a smelly gooey liquid. Big sharp metal things were comming out of the darkness upwards and were hitting the wooden box, without leaving a scratch on it. A seeable path out of the liquid was being approached by the TARDIS.
    - Be ready to jump on it ? the Doctor told Donna and pointed her the path.
    They waited a couple of seconds and then jumped on it together. Just after they fell on the path, the TARDIS sank in the goo with bubbles.
    - Ewww! ? Donna knit her brows in disgust.
    - Don?t worry ? the Doctor said. ? We?ll get it back? somehow.
    They looked at each other with disappointed faces.
    - At least we still have this - the Doctor pulled his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket.
    Donna made an unhappy face.
    Lexxian forever :)

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    Did you have to include Catherine Tate? I can't stand her!!! :evil:

    Not a lot of typing time, so i'll keep it short and sweet.

    Can't wait to see what happens next hun!!!

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    Wow! Can't wait for more :smt023

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    I?ve never watched Doctor Who. :oops: Nevertheless it was an action packed, fun read n5.

    Great stuff? :smt023

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    Ooooooo, I like it so far; I can't wait for more to this story.

    Have a good weekend,
    Jhevz ;)
    Happy Spring

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    Story continues whenever I'm not too lazy to type. Thanks for the comments :) I knew you'd like the idea! Those two shows are basically brilliant in the same way.

    The Doctor and Donna walked on the path, until they reached a wall, made of some soft material. The wall had an opening just as big for a person to get through, but it was covered in a membrane of some sort. There was some kind of a control panel on the wall next to the membrane.
    - Any idea, where we are, Doctor? ? Donna asked.
    - Nope, not yet ? he answered as he pulled the sonic screwdriver out of his pocket.
    - These walls look? soft and sticky ? Donna noticed as she touched them and wiped some of the small water drops that had covered the whole wall from the condensed steam, coming out of the goo at the both sides of the path.
    The Doctor pointed the screwdriver at the control panel and pressed a button. It shined in blew, but nothing happened. The Doctor made a surprised face.
    - My screwdriver doesn?t work! ? He announced.
    Donna gave him a compassionate look.
    - What do you want to do? ? She asked.
    - This control panel probably removes the membrane and opens the door ? the Doctor pointed.
    Donna looked at the membrane without any excitement in her eyes. She digged her nails in the memrane and tore some of it apart. She removed some membrane from under her forefinger?s nail and went on.
    - It helps to keep your hands well manicured ? she pointed out.
    The Doctor looked at his hand and nails.
    - One of the reasons I prefer female companions ? he answered.
    - Yeah, - Donna laughed, - among other things!
    - I never wanted to get close to any of my companions ? the Doctor defended himself.
    - Yeah, but isn?t that what happened to that Rose? Who?s now stuck in another dimention or something ? Donna pushed on.
    - A parallel universe ? the Doctor corrected her. ? Let me help you with that! ? He stuck his hand in the small hole Donna had already dug and ripped half the membrane away from the door. ? The way?s clear now ? he said and walked through.
    - Oi, don?t get catchy with me! ? She shouted behind him and followed him through.

    In a dark, steamy room a man dressed with black leather stood in front of a screen. The screen turned itself on and showed another man in the same clothing, but the image was hazy.
    - Authorization code P76-3E-4TER-0AND-AL9I01CE ? the man from the screen said.
    - Authorization code TOG4E33TH9ER-1-FOR56EVE220R. This is captain Rolsey calling from the other side of the Core.
    - That?s so exciting, sir! The first life-feed contact with a ship from the Dark Zone!
    - Irrelevant ? Rolsey interrupted. ? Has the Cleansing begun?
    - Yes. They?ll cleanse us last though, as we are the most important people in the League right now. Apart from the clerics, that is!
    - As soon as we capture the escaped ship and the rogue security guard we?ll return to donate our protein to His Divine Shadow?s purposes.
    - How long until you intercept the Lexx? ? The man from the screen asked.
    - Less than an hour. We?ll soon awake the Divine Assassin.
    - Well, no need to hurry ? the man from the screen smiled.
    - Why not? ? Captain Rolsey made a surprised face.
    - Well? the Cleansing and all that? We?ll all die when you return with success, you know that ? the man spoke with a low voice.
    - Blasphemy! ? Rolsey shouted. ? I will now call the security guards class 1 in your area and tell them to cleanse you immediately. You are not needed for the further advance of my mission.
    - No, sir! I didn?t mean to? - the man started excusing himself, but Rolsey ended the transmission and the screen went black again.
    - May His Mercyful Shadow fall upon you ? he said alone in the darkness.

    Stan walked the passageways slowly, exploring every new meter he passed by. He reached a place with a few organic chairs, standing up from the ground. He sat on them.
    - Oh boy, I?m tired. Lexx, how long now? ? He asked.
    - 43 minutes, Stan ? the ship reported.
    Suddenly he felt movement behind him. He turned and faced the newcomers ? a man and a woman.
    - Hello ? the man in a long brownish coat waved his hand smilingly. ? I?m the Doctor.
    - Donna, hi ? the ginger and not so young woman followed.
    Stan stood up with a scared look.
    - We don?t mean you harm, don?t be scared ? Donna said with a calming gesture.
    Lexx?es captain took out a squacker from his pocket and slowly put it next to his mouth.
    - Zev, - he said to it as the Doctor and Donna watched him, - they?re here.
    After finishing his sentence he ran away.
    - They?re expecting us? ? Donna said to the Doctor.
    - I don?t know, but they are probably commanding this? huge and strange ship, so they probably know about us ? he analyzed the situation.
    - We could stay here, thinking about it or? we could go and ask him ourselves ? Donna suggested. ? And also how to get our ship back.
    - Good idea ? the Doctor nodded.
    They both ran after the man in red.

    - But how could they have boarded us, I thought they were about an hour away ? Zev asked calmly in the squacker.
    - They?re here, - Stan said and turned to see the Doctor and Donna running behind him, - and they?re chasing me!
    - Stop there, - 790 advised from Zev?s underarm, - face them and start talking to them something security guardy in order to gain time for Zev and me to wake Kai. Then we?ll go in a moth and fly around the ship to avoid detection. When we?re safe in, we?ll call you, so that you know your life has no more usefullness and get done with it.
    - Stay quiet! ? Zev tapped his head with the left hand, holding the squacker.
    - Zev, are you there?! ? Stan shouted from the squacker.
    - Yes, Stanley, what do I do? ? She asked with calm voice.
    - Unfreeze Kai and wait for me there! ? He shouted.
    - Understood ? Zev answered and started walking.
    - But wait, we don?t mean to harm you! We just want our ship back! ? Donna shouted from behind, losing her breath. ? Wait! ? She said to the Doctor, when Stan didn?t stop or answer. ? I have to catch my breath, I can?t run that far.
    - I can?t stop! If we lose him in this huge ship, we may never find him again and we have to get him to tell us how to get the TARDIS back! ? The Doctor shouted, leaving Donna.
    - Well I?ll just catch up with you in a mo, then! ? Donna shouted angrily at him and sat down.
    The sound of their running faded away, as Donna breathed heavily.
    - Catch up with him, yeah, how thick is that? ? She asked herself. ? I hope his screwdriver starts working, cuz I?m never gonna find him in here.
    In a few moments of slowing down her breathing, she lifted her head only to see a woman in white standing in front of her. She was beautiful and white seemed to be her color ? even her hair was dyed in it. She held a robot?s head in her left underarm.
    - Hello ? Donna greeted.
    - You should know, before you attempt anything, ? Zev spoke, - that I?m half Cluster Lizard. I?m fast and nasty, so if I want to, I can snap you in two before you even blink and scream.
    Donna froze.
    Lexxian forever :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by n5-kopele

    He stuck his hand in the small hole Donna had already dug and ripped half the membrane away from the door. ? The way?s clear now ? he said and walked through.
    Babe's, i am fucking disgusting!!! lmao!

    Love the story babes!

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    A very cool read?little buddy? :smt023

    a myriad of roses, a symphony of fragrances

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    OK! Kiddo!!

    when ya gonna finish this thing? :shock:


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