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Thread: An Old Fart!!

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    An Old Fart!!

    AN OLD FART!! :lol:

    I looked in my mirror
    And what did I see?
    A middle aged face,
    Staring at me!! :?

    There were lines on the forehead,
    And a wart on the nose!!
    The eyes were rimmed red!
    The list grows and grows!!! :x

    The face had no eyebrows!
    There was a yellow fanged mouth!!
    One eye pointed north!!
    The other pointed south!! :(

    I had a pink and green rash,
    .....Broken out on my chin,
    Just how that face got there
    I really can't begin!!! :shock:

    I shivered and shuddered!!
    My heart filled with woe!
    Is this what happens<?
    ..When one let's oneself go? :cry: :shock:

    I really can't tell you my relief..
    Through and through,...
    When I heard a voice saying,
    "I think she's coming to!!". :smt023


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    790 will be jealous :)
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