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Thread: The slaughter

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    The slaughter

    Anyone know any really gory but not scary games?

    I've been playing a lot of Ninja Gaiden 2 but thats over now. I need a new game.
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    That's kind of a hard request, since most games that are gory are scary.

    There's a SAW game that was recently released. I don't know anything about it other than it has a picture of Billy the Puppet on the front.

    Fallout 3 has gore, if you pick the "Bloody Mess" perk. (This makes your targets explode into a shower of body parts and blood, sometimes frequently.)

    If you don't mind the scare factor, then you have plenty of options. Dead Space for one.

    ADDENDUM: If you haven't played them yet, there's the God of War trilogy (which I've never played) and Gears of War 1&2. Only in Gears of War 2 can you flip over your chainsaw gun and cut someone in half, up the back. Also on 360, there's Dead Rising, which follows a lot of common zombie cliches, so it really wasn't scary.

    And to a small degree, there's No More Heroes (the US version) and MadWorld for the Wii. (Though I've heard MadWorld gets repetitive.)

    SPOILER ALERT: Speaking of Gears of War 2, there's the Riftworm! I won't go into to many details.
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    I prefer scary to gory, but yeah, they are pretty much the same. I'm sure you've played Resident Evil? Silent Hill is liked by many, although it's not my cup of tea.

    Oh, oh, I know - Mortal Kombat games :)
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    I'll look into these. So far God of War sounds the best.
    Turns out Gin is still alive. Dying but not dead yet. I hope he is saved.

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