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    Lexx and Avatar

    What if, after the destruction of Earth and the death of Kai, Stan and Xev use the Little Lexx to continue their search for a home. After recovering and reprogramming 790, the robot-head scans and finds a planet called Pandora. They learn of the planet's atmosphere through 790's knowledge and wear their space suits down to the planet.

    Shortly after landing on the planet, they are captured my Earth's stationed military. To avoid death, Stan agrees to help the military with a mission that concerns the local natives, called the Navi. In order to do that, Xev and Stan must use genetically engineered Avatars to get excepted by the natives.

    At first, Stan and Xev felt weird in their new bodies, but they were instantly released into the forest. By night fall, they were instantly captured by Navi's and brought to Home-Tree, to be trialed by the Navi-looking leader named Kai (by coincidence).

    Here are links to the new Navi's:

    Avatar Xev

    Avatar Stanley

    Navi Kai

    I will draw a picture of Navi Xev and Kai together :)

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing those. :-D :) :smt023

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    me Likey...!!!

    Wow! If Lexx could have been made with the resources that were availabe for the makers of Avatar!!! Could you IMAGINE the show that it would have been? :shock:

    Watch Sean Forbes on youtube in DPAN's...(Deaf Pefofming Artist's Network),,, "Deaf Jam!!"...Deaf Rapper!!

    Or as Marlee Matlin says: "Read my hips!!"

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