View Poll Results: Which is your favourite Lexx movie?

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  • I Worship His Shadow

    23 44.23%
  • Supernova

    4 7.69%
  • Eating Pattern

    11 21.15%
  • Gigashadow

    14 26.92%
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    Eating Pattern. The food chain is interesting.

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    I voted for IWHS... after having had seen random episodes S3 and S4, it was nice to see how the Lexx characters had their beginnings and to get the backstory. I was intrigued by the eps I had seen, but it was IWHS that really got me hooked on Lexx.
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    Mine's IWHS as well, but I liked them all. Even Eating Pattern. I think the ep was great. Maybe it's nostalgia, it was the first lexx episode I've seen.
    But I think it's a funny movie. And Rutger Hauer is admirable as Bog.
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    This thread has been dead for more then a year and I'm going to bring it back from the dead.

    Easily my favorite LEXX film is LEXX 1.0 "I Worship His Shadow".

    As time goes on this beginning for the whole saga just keeps getting better and better. I mean, to see my point -compare it to the most recent Star Wars film. Sure, Lucas has the best special effects this side of James Cameron...but so what? F/X is not what defines good science fiction. What defines good science fiction is the same thing that defines good fiction -plot and characterization. LEXX has a compelling plot which moves along at a fair clip thanks to good pacing, humor, and skillful direction. I think it must also be mentioned that Marty Simon's music add's more then often credited to the series. Again- by contrast, John Williams' score (very Wagnarian) has now been recycled so many times that it no longer has any dramatic punch...not unlike the way the William Tell Overture was destroyed by the Lone Ranger television show.

    Even if LEXX had failed and never produced a second Season, the first four films would still have become cult favorites which would still compare favorably against much of what we find coming out of Hollywood.

    Your thoughts.......................................... ..........?????? 8)
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    What Validus said. IWHS tells a timeless story, as I've blathered on about in other threads. It doesn't need eye candy and whiz bang effects any more than the Theban Chronicles do.
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    Gigashadow, I just loved it. Then IWHS and Supernova. I enjoyed parts of Eating Pattern, but it just wasn't Lexxy enough for me. I thought the whole Wist thing was more drawn out than it needed to be. But I still loved S1. I also wished we had more time with Zev, even if I prefer Xev by a lot, I missed that whitehaired dame!
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    I'm pretty sure that my favorite LEXX movie will be the next one.

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    I really like DOREEN JACOBI, so I must vote for the only movie she was in. (Eating Pattern). (If she had appeared in all 4 movies, then I might have some major mulling over to do.)
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    My favourite lexx movie has got to be IWHS because it is just brilliant. :P :jump:

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