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    Just started watching Sanctuary last week. I'm almost at the end of Season 2.
    John Druitt is probably my favorite character (Christopher Heyerdahl is a great actor).

    The amount of green screen in the show annoys me a little, though. They probably could have achieved a better effect for some of the scenes had they gone with physical set /costume (the mermaid).

    Anyone else watching it?
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    Re: Sanctuary

    I watched the first 4 episodes of the original series when it was a web-only show, then they started charging to download subsequent episodes. But that's not a problem now since the entire show has moved to TV instead.
    As for the show, it felt like a cross between Hellboy and Torchwood to me. I never really got into it. Nice concept though.

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    Re: Sanctuary

    The first season started establishing the characters, the stories explored pertinent and piquing issues, and the characters learned about themselves.

    The second season was also good. I definitely didn't want Ashley to die, but at least her death was believable, and she got to feel a sense of remorse for her actions before she died.

    This third season I have been partially impressed. I am glad when a Sanctuary episode really allows the fans to learn about a character, care about that character, and have that character learn about themselves. I played it over quite a few times in my head as to how Ashley should return, or even if she would. It appears she is gone, but Emilie Ullerup said Ashley will return this season.

    Agam Darshi has done a good job of exploring Kate, and showing her beginning to feel and trust. I hope they keep developing Agam's character. They have so far 23 more episodes to do it.

    Some of Sanctuary's episodes are very Roddenberry like and some are ughhh. I hope we get more Star Trek type stories.

    Sanctuary I think especially resonates with people that feel like outsiders themselves . I think Goths can relate to feeling like an abnormal at times.

    How do you think the Season 3 cliffhanger will be resolved?

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    Re: Sanctuary

    This was a good one......sorry to see it go.

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