View Poll Results: Do you believe planet Nibiru will enter our solar system in May 2012, ending the world?

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    Holocaust 2012 Poll

    Not sure how many of us here have heard of this group, but they have now established their major headquarters in the town where ILK and I live.
    They are an end-of-the-world cult that believe that there is a new planet called Nibiru coming into our solar system in May this year which will basically end the world as we know it. (It might be worth mentioning that they have recently re-scheduled the end of the world from April 2012 to May 2012, so I guess they are still fairly confident ;) )

    They also believe they have been given this information from spiritual/elemental guides (This is done through the highly precise method of swinging a pendulum over a printed chart and noting the symbols on the chart where the pendulum falls, plus interpreting the dreams of group members, and staring at crop circles).

    They have put out several videos which can be found on youtube, explaining all about the end of the world. And if you can watch any without falling asleep - you're doing well. They are not exactly gifted public speakers.

    They also believe we are descended from aliens and there are reptilian imposter people living on earth, trying to control our minds and poison us etc.

    Their headquarters in our town is being used to produce and sell various natural organic products, but this is just a front for the main purpose which is production of a food/potion substance they are calling manna-packs which is what they believe is one of the things the survivors of the holocaust will be living off. And also it is a place where new members are trained and guided into "Ascension" to their next level, incarnation or whatever...

    I have heard from local people who have friends who are (or have been) cult members, that they have built underground holocaust shelters under their headquarters building and even that some members who do not meet up to their expectations (whatever that may be) have been offered large sums of money, up to $8000, to pack up and move out of town, so as not to influence current members' thinking... :wtf:

    They have a website here - (The home page has recently disappeared, shortly after the end of the world got rescheduled)

    They also run a forum.
    Now, for a bit of fun, I set up a fake account and joined up their forum.
    ILyekkaKai chose my name "Star Willow" and I designed myself an avatar with the intent of making a mockery of their group - I cobbled together an image of the gayest unicorn I could find leaping through their logo, with a rainbow trail emitting from its arse :lol:

    I've made a few posts, and offered up some "dreams" for them to interpret for me.
    Now these "dreams" of mine are actually scenes from LEXX, whch I worded to sound like I am recalling a dream. Unsuprisingly, they fell for it and the leader of their organisation (calls herself Aurora) has gone ahead and decoded them for me ;)

    If you've got nothing better to do... click this

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    Re: Holocaust 2012 Poll

    It's amazing the things people will believe.
    I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction. I am Hakumen. The end has come!

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