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Thread: lexx lego

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    Cloaked, man, that is some excellent work! And I second that on the Legomation project; love to see it.

    You've probably seen this, might have even posted in their forums, but some good stuff at (short lego flicks) and might get some useful legomation tips in their forum.

    Edit: Although you're already familiar with how to do animation. SO you'd do it on a computer, eh? I did some 16mm stop motion animation way back when (very laborious), guess it's gotten much easier to work it digitally with the computer programs out there.
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    LOVE the Stargate scene!! LOL!! That's brilliant, cloaked!!

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    Re: lexx lego

    [quote="cloaked"]Well after finding out that my 24 hour photo shop means that it's open 24 hours and not that it develops pictures in 24 hours :confused: the pictures have arrived (and only a week late too ;)). Hope you like :D
    Great stuff, very inventive
    jodi check out and darkviewman at YouTube

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    lego update / lexx video

    Since this thread, I've made a few more characters(lyekka(s2), moth breeder, specialty show guard, president priest, bunny(s4), an improved fifi) and I snapped together a nice lego chess set (what started as a quick project turned into ordering $30 bucks of lego heads :roll:). I re-took all of the character picks by season with my nifty digital camera and I added a few more pics including the moth that I mentioned a while back. All of the pics can be found at the link below, click to enlarge. (stargate pics are in another folder. Click on the Up link to find them)

    I just got a digital camera so lexx lego movies are a possibility. If I'm going to make one, then I'll need a lot of help. I'll need someone to make a short 2-3 minute script and someone to host the large movie file. I might even need someone to uploaded it, not sure if my connection can hold. I've tried the FTP programs, but they have a stench that discourages even the most determined user. :x To do audio I need someone knowledgeable in the area since I don't have the right audio editing tools or the brain to use them. Some decent voices that somewhat resemble the cast's voices would also be required. It may take quite a while to get the movie put together. First I'd have to buy a tripod and several packs of batteries since my digital will eat through a set of batteries to produce about 15 seconds of the movie. I'm planning on doing 2-4 shots a second, so it's going to be a little jumpy. Then I'd have to do some research on combining video and audio. I'll probably end up download a free/retarded program that will take eons to learn about. I'm somewhat willing to make a movie as long as, #1 I can find the spare time and #2 we can pull the resources together here and now/soonish. My only complaint is that this seems like a lot of work for a small re-ward.

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    You've done a fantastic job with those, Cloaked. They are very fun and creative!

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    Real fantastic and wonderful work Cloaked!

    I like the Time Prophet chess piece the most ! Wow, great work!

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