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    -give all the credit to Cesare for keeping them safe. I mearly hosted the pics. ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by KarubaLuna
    cloaked, I know you are burning the midnight oil doing excavations so I hesitate to mention this, but I noticed that no. 17 did not appear to be listed in the 20 Southpark jpg's. Is there one more floating around out there do you think, or is it just a numbering screw-up? Inquiring greedy little minds and all that. :D
    I figured someone of like mind would ask the same question as I. ;) -
    Quote Originally Posted by Cesare
    I don't have the seventeenth pic either.
    Maybe the link didn't work when I was downloading them... I can't remember anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FunkET
    Quote Originally Posted by KarubaLuna
    Nopers, it was Nige - although Malcolm may have done one as well. I was starin' into his Princely eyes, watching SouthPark, as I was posting. :D
    I thought at first it was probably a Clerical error by the Divine Karuba since I saw our droog Yottskry narrate what certainly seems the very same South Park spoof of Great Expectations. My guess would be that it's the very same cartoon (episode), but an alternate narrator... They might have gotten Nigel Bennet to redo the narrative part because of a McDowell contract dispute, because royalties/residuals were too expensive to keep on airing the McDowell version (he is a costlier actor than Bennett), or just wanted some new narrative dialogue -- don't know. But what a perfect substitute... Both English, both similar hair, both similar build -- the Lexx connection to both would probably just be coincidence by the way..
    mh... here in germany they always show the McDowell version. never seen nigel in that south park episode ^^'
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