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    Hi Ksenya!

    I alreday sent you a pm. So here?s the rest I have translated yet...

    Thanks so much for your kind words....I really really appreciate it!!!

    Chapter 37

    Birth of a dark legend

    The irony and sarcasm of the situation didn?t elude Kai. Like in the past - he was
    again at the will of a tyrant?only his mind free to resist.
    But would that be enough?
    The so far unlocked memories frightened him...he was strong enough to hide it from Taleron - but how long would that last?
    Taleron will unlock these memories bit by bit?and Kai was sure that this experience would be as unpleasant as if he was in the sways of His Divine Shadow, turning him into an assassin again. Kai?s inner self was shaken to the core when he realized the full horror of this situation?but could he do anything against it? No?

    ?Begin!? he heard His Shadow say. Kai stared at His Shadow who sat down opposite him to survey the following procedures?no doubt?the tyrant was really excited.
    The other attendees in black and violet robes, his present mind knew that they were biovesirs, gathered back around him and their leader ? it was Brizon ? waited, holding a knife in his hand.
    The assistants got busy and several fluids were injected into his body. He didn?t feel anything so far, but after some seconds, Kai suddenly felt a shiver rolling through his dead body? something changed rapidly with his ability to feel - somehow the numbness retreated.
    He still couldn?t detect any heartbeat, any blood in his veins, but he suddenly <felt> the cold air in here and the more cold touch of the head-Biovezirs gloves on his bare skin. Kai?s eyes widened in shock when re realized it?a new terrific sensation grew inside him?they hadn?t?or?
    They did.
    Somehow these fluids restored the possibility to feel everything?like if he was alive.

    Kai understood that His Shadow must have revived his body with a very small amount of protoblood?in a different way than later, because he hadn?t possessed the protoblood supply system at that time. The research of the biovesirs and their every-day work with other divine assassins had lead to the invention of many useful things?so he didn?t wonder about this possibility to make him feel again?

    Then the blade of the knife sunk down onto him and Brizon pierced it through the already damaged skin above his heart and continued where His Shadow had stopped?the knife slowly cut through his dead flesh all the way down?it was the work of a slaughterer, but unlike the poor animals, he was at full consciousness and completely capable to sense what the Biovezirs were doing to him.

    The Biovezirs did their horrible work with the efficiency of well-trained and used-to-their-work servants of His Divine Shadow. More?especially Brizon was keen on testing newly learned knowledge from past surgeries on corpses. It was his aim to develope the best Divine Assassin he ever had laid hands on?he was convinced that especially this dead man couldn?t be a better candidate for it.
    They removed from Kai?s body what wasn?t of need for his future existence and replaced it with equipment that made Kai less and less human.
    Full three days this hell lasted. Three days of endless repeating pain and screams, never a moment of relieving unconsciousness?never a moment of rest from this treatment.
    Not a moment His Divine Shadow stopped trying to break him mentally as well as he had already broken him physically.

    But?Kai remembered that he despite resisted.
    He didn?t give in, he didn?t give up.
    But did His Shadow guessed how close he had been to succeed?

    Suddenly the flow of these horrible memories was cut. He still saw the pictures, the open door to them, but his concentration was withdrawn from them, he somehow recognized that Taleron must have stopped the video and the mind probe?maybe to question him.
    But the Biovezir would have to be patient?cause the BrunnenG sunk into unconsciousness? what he had remembered recently was too much. Millenia old memories of pain, pushed back and locked, now released with an intensity he simply couldn?t stand, left their trace?

    Taleron bent down onto Kai, a bit disappointed that the BrunnenG had fallen into unconsciousness. <Well>, Taleron licked his lips,< It seems that the memories of what he had felt at that time had swashed over into the present.> In fact?it had been more than clearly audible! Taleron smiled cruelly, not a physical torture he knew was able to worm such painful screams out of his delinquents. Which impact it really had on Kai, he was unsure?as long as he was unconscious?
    Taleron waved at his assistant and ordered them to wake the BrunnenG. He had to continue, the sooner he was able to break Kai the better?he needed to know more about their visit here?and he and his insect part enjoyed the procedure...
    Only with half concentration he listened to the other assistant who told him stuttering that he wasn?t able to find out anything about the ineffectiveness of the truth serum. Taleron furrowed his brows but decided to drop this?it wasn?t that important to him now. He had to put his full concentration on Kai?s questioning?a truth serum might be the fastest way to get to information?but THIS was far more entertaining?.time for something new?his usual work with other ?volunteers? down in his research labs went quiet boring over time?

    When Kai woke from the short unconsciousness, he wasn?t sure if he woke in the here and now or deep in the past of this painful memories. With much effort he tried to get his mind clear again?he tried to avoid the lurking memories and fought his way back into calm water.
    He knew that his reaction to this horrible treatment must have been clearly visible to Taleron, but what should he do? His willpower was still there?but it had suffered. He asked himself how he could have resisted His Shadow facing all this horror and pain.
    Maybe because he wasn?t influenced by other things like an endless list of murder?
    Kai realized that Taleron had quite a good chance to get all information out of him, a good chance to learn that everything was only one huge bluff?if that happens, he knew that Shereen and Xev were lost?and next to the option to just give up?he knew that the only acceptable one was those to hold on?he had to, whatever happens, and he didn?t doubt that behind this door waited so much more that was able to break him once and for all?

    ?Now?? he heard Talerons voice. Kai opened his eyes, his expression as deadpan as at the beginning, but his eyes gave him away, they spoke a clear language. ?Measured by your reaction, His Shadows ?treatment? hadn?t changed much over time?you have to know?I witnessed some ?alterations? and till that point, most of His Shadows future assassins really fought against their later master?and resist. Astonishing, isn?t it? But?well, in the end, it was always the same?His Divine Shadow broke them?like an obedient dog they all were!?
    Kai winced a little when he heard that. Did His Shadow succeed in the end? He was obedient?but only because he had no idea who he had been?if His Shadow wants his servants that way, he just had to steal their personality?like he did with all Divine Assassins?or wasn?t this enough for the tyrant? He had told him that he wanted to break Kai?s resistance, that it wasn?t enough for him to have his body under his control?he wanted his soul as well?
    So, did he succeed? Taleron seemed to be quite sure about this fact?he knew this records?and Kai didn?t has any memory to this final part of the things Talerons had just started to reveal.
    The only thing that let him hesitate and admit that Taleron may could be right, was the fact that he hadn?t felt like a ?broken? person when he regained his life and his soul. If His Shadow really had succeed in his efforts?it should have had consequences to the constitution of his whole living soul.
    Or did his mind protect him from this facts too?
    He saw that both outcomes were possible?
    Kai pressed his lips together. It was Talerons aim to get this questioning to an end?and this meant nothing else than the same His Shadow had tried 6000 years ago?to break him, and Kai was decided to get more time?if one of them three was able to do something?.they needed more time to act.
    ?Now, what is it? Do you really want to see what methods His Shadow had used to defeat your stubborn personality? Or should we just stop here and you tell me why you are here??
    Kai looked grimly at Taleron and shook his head, his voice was a bit rough, probably from screaming. ?No,? Talerons victorious smile disappeared. Of course he had hoped to gather this information soon?on the other hand?such a sudden end of this fun wasn?t what he really wanted. Without any further words he reactivated the mind probe and the record on his own. The beam sent Kai back into his hidden memories.

    A cold cell.
    Nothing was in there. Only four blank, stony walls and an iron door.
    He was alone in this cell.
    Alone after three days of horrible pain and never ending tries to make him give up.
    Kai tried to sit up, and supported by the wall behind his back he finally succeeded. He didn?t open his eyes?he felt that he was still naked and he felt fear rearing up?what would he see when he took a look down his body?
    Kai sensed it.
    He knew that it was unnecessary to breath?in fact, he couldn?t do that any longer?but despite he gasped when he finally managed to open his eyes and took a look at what had happened to him.
    With horror he discovered the current state of what was done to him so far.
    He only was a humanoid shape that was alternated with extreme brutality and disrespect. Biological and mechanical implants were in places where once human organs had been. His whole organism was changed to function on chemical-biological technology. All changes that would make him to this every human-superior assassin.

    Kai remembered the cell very vividly suddenly?the coldness, the loneliness, the hopelessness. Cuddled he had sat in the corner of this cell, his long hair the only protection to the chilliness and the loneliness in it. It just wondered him a bit that they hadn?t cut it, removed it, they just had opened the typical bun?now it hung at full back length down like a dark curtain.
    Kai knew that His Divine Shadow was watching him and he tried his best to deny him a good view.

    Kai didn?t know what would happen next, but whatever it was?there was no escape.
    No escape?the same as for all the other poor creatures who shared his fate and which he could hear cry and scream outside.
    He hadn?t to wait long before they came in again to fetch him.

    Kai remembered that he again tried to fight back, the resistance of a still rebellious, unbroken soul.

    His Divine Shadow was with the guards and watched his resistance with interest and Kai felt the taunting delight of him, when one of the guards of the Divine Order kissed the dust and didn?t move any more. Kai was strong, he had been before, and with the new alteration it had grown additionally, and so the normal guards had their problems with getting hold of him.
    Only vaguely he registered that he had caused the first death in his new existence; and exactly this demonstration confirmed His Shadows assumption that he would be an excellent assassin. Kai would have continued the fight in hope to find a way to escape, but His Shadow put an end to this skirmish when he saw that none of the others was able to?
    He forced Kai down to the floor and the BrunnenG somehow felt the chilliness of the floor piercing through his unformed body as well in the past as in the present.
    His Shadow pinned him merciless to the floor so the guards were able to tie him up. Overwhelming wrath filled him.
    ?Take him to the decarbonisation chamber, it is time we finalize his alteration!? he ordered the guards and the waiting Biovezirs who removed him from the cell.

    When he was put into the so-called decarbonisation chamber?his memories faded into black?

    What he remembered were more sensations?the process he didn?t remember?it was all too vaguely.
    The alteration of his former human-biology based body into the decarbonized assassin caused him to suffer such agonies that it adumbrated everything else.
    The records on the other hand were much clearer about that part as his own memories, and it wasn?t a relief that he was able to access this external ?memory?. What he was able to see changed significantly as soon as the pictures were fed by the records and his memories together, instead by the record source only, like before.
    His memories were stimulated more and more and they sometimes were faster than the records....but there were still too many black holes to give him a complete view...but this gap was closed with the records...they burned everything into his soul forever.
    Kai felt his consciousness fading again?how was he able to stand all that? How?

    But in the end he managed to stay with conscious and then this part was over too?, the memories returned when he saw himself lying on a table again?he guessed that it was only short after they removed him from the chamber?he appeared so pale that it shocked him despite he knew about it.
    But did His Shadow succeed in his plans?to make him give up? To break him?

    No?he didn?t. When Kai awoke anew from another torturing treatment?it was the first thing that came into his mind?<don?t give up> He hadn?t?he didn?t see a reason to give up?
    His Divine Shadow didn?t show his displeasure about it, but he heard the guards of the Divine Order and the Biovesirs whispering and exchange insecure gazes. More than one time he heard the words: ?Mistake ? prophecy ? unbending BrunnenG ? ?
    There was much shattered inside him, caused by the torment he had to go through, but the small spark of pride was still there and defended these unbending BrunnenG as brave as he could.

    ?You will be mine!? He heard His Shadow talk anew when he opened his eyes and watched them tying him to the table. His Shadow took a small tube and looked grimly at Kai.
    Kai?s present state of knowledge recognized this tube at once?it was the tube that supported him over 2000 years with the protoblood. His Shadow explained him what he hadn?t known at this time:
    ?The protoblood will ensure that you obey every single order I am about to give you?you will obey?without questioning, without hesitation.?
    Kai remembered the hopeless wrath and the desperation that grew inside him. He didn?t want to grant His Shadow the control over his living mind.
    ?Never, I will never obey any of your orders!? Kai said and stemmed against the bonds that held him down. His Shadow didn?t react, instead he attached the tube to the new implant where his heart once had been. The protoblood-supply. ?To reanimate you during the past processes, we only supported you with few protoblood, because your unformed body wasn?t ready to process more than only a very small amount. With your decarbonisation you aren?t only invulnerable from now on, no, now it also was the last piece to change you into a complete new being ? a Divine Assassin.? His Shadow stroke with his finger over the protoblood-supply and then up over Kai?s skin to his neck and his cheek. Kai turned his head away, but very fast His Shadow grabbed Kais chin and forced him back.
    ?The circle is closed?the last of the BrunnenG is past?you are past?the prophecy will be extinguished. From this day on you will enforce my order, my will. You will kill everyone who is foolish enough to rebel against my order and me?
    You are going to serve me and my successors?-till eternity!? His Shadow announced.
    Then, for the first time, he felt the full capacity of protoblood entering his system. It burnt its way through his artificial and non-artificial veins like cold fire. It revived his body, it woke every single implant to life. It took possession of him?slowly it swamped any natural sensation out of his limbs.
    Kai suspected that these sensations were the first, which fall prey to the protoblood. Will all other human sensations stop to exist like this? Love, Hate, wrath, anger, pity, anguish??

    Today he knew that exactly this was the reason for his incapability to feel. Maybe his undead state was also a small reason for it?but with the right fluids His Shadow had given him the ability to feel, to express the emotions?but the protoblood had changed this forever. There was no way back?even the regaining of his memories hadn?t changed that?
    But there was more?the protoblood was about to take the ability to feel away to his past self, but he suddenly recognized something else that the memories showed him faster than the records:
    The protoblood wasn?t able to carry His Shadows point.
    At least?not as long as he had his memories ? with it the part of his soul that was just him, and that he had defended the past days. Kai grasped the context very fast.
    When he was freed of His Shadows control?it was only possible because he got his memories and his personality back. His own WILL was able to withstand that of His Shadows?the will of the tyrant, which was transferred through the protoblood.
    And suddenly a few things became clear to him?His Shadow hadn?t had another choice as to put away his memories and personality?otherwise he would never had controlled him.
    It was somehow a triumphant thought that rushed through his thoughts?but Kai suppressed it. What did it matter when there was despite the possibility to override it by stealing away his memories?
    His past self understood those things not completely, but what it understood was enough to make His Shadow angry.

    When His Shadow gave him the first order, it was no wonder that Kai didn?t obey. The BrunnenG awaited the inescapable moment when he was forced to obey?but it didn?t happen. He felt the protoblood rushing through his body, but next to the unaccustomed whispering of data, it didn?t cause the feared control. Kai was still himself.
    And so he ignored His Shadows first order. He stood upright in front of His Shadow and controlled his body not to act like His Shadow wanted.
    He may was at their mercy?but he will never ever obey, never would he give up his will.
    With a firmness that belied all his past ordeal he triumphed over His Shadows will. Not a wonder that His Shadow was very unsatisfied and?very angry. Such a thing had never happened before.
    ?It is his personality, his memories,? Brizon said, addressed to his Shadow. ?Maybe it?s the length you allowed him to keep them. It?s possible that he had grown such a strong will over time. Keep in mind that no one else before had developed such a behavior?no one else had resisted you that long and persevering before ? most of them broke after the first step!? ?And what are you going to point at, Biovesir Brizon?? His Shadow asked calamitous. ?Ah...well?,? Brizon stuttered. ??the prophecy,? another colleague whispered with big eyes. This of course was exact the wrong statement in His Shadows presence. ?There is no prophecy?not any more!" The tyrant thundered and only a second later this biovezir wasn?t any more too.
    ?Bear with it,? he addressed to the terrified anxious guards and Biovezirs attending. He turned back to Kai, whose pale body was a shining contrast to the dark background of the black clad guards and the room.
    Every muscle was tensed, but he knew all to well, that he had no chance to escape. He might be His Shadows most efficient assassin - but no assassin would ever be strong enough to turn against His Shadow by accident.
    His Divine Shadow grabbed Kai?s body and pushed him with bone-breaking force to the wall. ?You will never again have the opportunity to resist me!? the tyrant hissed. Never before there was such a case?The young BrunnenG showed a stamina and a will he had never seen on humans. He had been sure from the beginning that this character would ensure him an excellent assassin?but he had never counted with such willpower. He had seen it as challenge to break this willpower?but again he had failed, and this made him lose his temper. His anger grew the minute the more he had to determine that Kai?s will seemed to be stronger than his?
    He had to break this one?he wanted to break him?his ego was more than ever keen on that?but now his wrath took over.
    ?We will start with your training, one way or the other,? His Shadow announced and looked at Kai. The stubborn glinting in his eyes let the tyrant loose control?Kai had realized with what His Shadow had failed.
    The Shadow let his anger run free and concentrated his whole wrath at Kai?s continuous healing body. The BrunnenG felt no pain anymore?this sensation had passed?the protoblood had taken it away. But something he still felt was that His Shadow extracted the memories from him some time later, and he fell back into darkness.

    At this point everything ended for some time. The missing of own memories and pictures transferred to him through the mind probe, let him return into the here and now again.

    Kai opened his eyes, trying not to give away what he was thinking and feeling facing this unspeakable horror. He of course wasn?t able to feel the physical pain, but this long forgotten pain was still echoing through his soul?and this was nearly the same. He never had seen himself as the victim in all what happened, he had no reason for many people were killed by his hands?but now, for the first time ever, he felt abused.
    He knew that the best thing he could do now was to attack?don?t reveal anything to the enemy.
    ?Why do you believe that you will succeed in something where His Shadow had failed?? Kai croaked. Taleron just stared at him when he heard that question and turned.
    Indeed, Kai seemed to be much more resistant than he had expected. But he had also seen that everything that was revealed now was something Kai wasn?t aware of?he had seen the shock in his eyes, but despite?
    What was it that made him so strong? Where does this strong will came from? Regarding to Stans information, Kai had to have suffered more than one trauma after getting this life back. Who was that strong to ?ignore? this violent past and the death of innocent people? After all, this one was part of a society that had withdrawn from all violence and death?killing someone must have been an act of barbarism to them?oh, why hadn?t the BrunnenG been so peaceful 20 000 years ago? When the righteous and true rulers of the universes, the insect were about to rise?
    And why wasn?t he able to get this one to talk?
    New anger rose inside him?he turned back to Kai and grabbed his throat. ?It?s a good question, but compared to you I know the complete records?and I am very sure that we will start to talk very differently after you?ve seen the last part?? He let go of Kai and waved his assistant. Kai shook his head. ?Do you believe it or do you just hope it?? Taleron gritted his teeth. ?I know it!?
    Kai shook his head again, somehow he was sure that he had detected a slight insecurity in Talerons attitude when he talked about the fact that His Shadow hadn?t been able to break him. Maybe the outcome was much different to what Taleron believed or what he wanted Kai to believe. Kai lifted his head to underline his next words. ?I will never give in!? he hissed. Taleron laughed, but it sounded a lot more insecure than Taleron surely wanted.
    <Hold on>, he said to himself, it surely wouldn?t be easy, his innermost tensed when he heard Taleron talk about the ?last? part that was still waiting to be revealed to him. How would this whole thing end? Will enough willpower remain to get over this? Enough to get out here? Free Shereen and Xev? He wasn?t sure, but he had to try. An end as mental cripple surely wouldn?t be helpful?
    Kai?s train of thoughts was stopped and replaced with a continuation of those records?
    It matters not
    If the cause is lost
    And we cannot stop the tide
    We will fight to the end
    And then fight again
    It will be a good way to die

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    Chapter 38

    Escape plans

    ?Shereen, I really don?t want to disturb your meditation, but?,? Xev started impatiently.
    The other woman opened her eyes and turned her head to look at her, slowly she breathed out. ?Allright, allright, I have an idea?let?s hope it works.? ?What for an idea?? Xev asked whispering. ?I think I?m able to convince the guards outside the door to come in?but we?re still enchained then.? ?If you?re able to lure them in?can?t you just convince them to unbind us?? Xev asked. ?I?don?t know. They?re only partially human, this insect part is, well?very unpredictable. It controls those people, and so I think it?s very difficult to influence something that already influence and manipulates other things.? ?What for alternatives do we have?? Xev asked sighing. ?Not many I fear?it would be much easier if at least one of us would be free.? Xev looked at her: ?If I only had the strength to tear these bonds apart?I?m half clusterlizard?I should?-? Xev paused for a moment, ?Shereen?? ?Mhh?? ?Are you able to manipulate my mind in a way so I?m able to reach the state of mortal fear or desperation?? Shereen looked perplexed at her. ?And how should that be useful for us?? ?My other half, the clusterlizard comes to full action if I can concentrate completely on it, and this works best if I?m scared, close to death or completely desperate?I should sum up the strength to free myself then.? ?This sounds completely out of mind and interesting the same way?I cannot tell if it works, but it?s surely worth a try. But I have to warn you?it?s not very pleasant to be manipulated by a telepath?.!? ?I fear, we don?t have much choices, Shereen, I will somehow deal with it, let?s start, we have wasted enough time in here!? Xev encouraged her. Shereen sighed and nodded slowly??As you wish.? Then the Sha?ra concentrated.
    Projecting sensations of fear wasn?t a big problem for Shereen, she hadn?t used this skill in a long time, it was rather not advisable to do such things whilst conferring with other senators?but she knew how to use her skills in all varieties?everything that remained was a bit insecurity about the fact if it really worked. Manipulating other people wasn?t as easy as it sounds?with some it worked?with some not. But fortunately she found the lever she had to pull when she searched for a possibility to cause the wished effect. She created a strong vision in Xevs mind and withdrew?waiting for the effect.
    The reaction was unbelievable fierce. The artificial caused mortal fear spread through her mind and her physiology reacted as well on that threat. Her organism sped up and the more aggressive part of her, the clusterlizard half, kicked in and activated the much stronger survival instinct.
    In front of Shereens eyes, Xev reared up and stemmed with all her strength against the bonds that held her down on the table. Under normal circumstances every bone in her body would have been broken?but thanks to the clusterlizard part, that didn?t happen. With an audible crunch the bonds gave in and tore. Xev rolled from the table in her clusterlizard form, caused by the overage of energy she had set free. On the opposite wall she came to a sudden stop. With her back to the wall she slid down to the floor, re-adopting her human form. Shereen closed her eyes relieved and secured that nothing of the artificial nightmare remained in her mind.
    ?Everything okay?? she asked then. Still a bit dazzled Xev nodded: ?I think so. Very impressing skills by the way.? ?Didn?t I say that I have my little secrets?? Shereen asked amused. Xev smiled back and got to her feet. ?Then I suggest we put the fear of God into those guards!? Xev said and pointed at the door. ?We should do that, you?re right, ready?? ?More than that!? Xev positioned into a dead corner next to the door and waited. Shereen concentrated for the second time today and searched for the mind structure of the guards outside. Once sensed, she broke through their mental barriers and talked them into believing that something in the cell wasn?t okay and that they should look for it. Both guards were deceived.

    Until they would wake they wouldn?t have any idea what just had happened to them. Xev had greeted them in her special way as soon as they both had entered the cell. They were too surprised to think about resistance, luckily, despite her clusterlizard strength she felt that these kind of guards were much stronger than those they met before. Xev rummaged their clothes for the keys and knives to free Shereen.
    The Arcannea sighed and stretched. ?Much better. So far so good, free we are, but when we have left this cell time is running against us much faster.? ?We have to find Kai?everything else will be solved after that, I think,? Xev meant. Shereen looked pensive at her. ?I think we should find a way to communicate with Yareena as fast as possible. If Stan is taken back to Arcan?s, back to the Lexx, then we?re going to have a real catastrophe.? ?Then maybe it?s better we part and you?re trying to get to a communication terminal, whilst I search for Kai.? Xev suggested. ?That?s too risky, Xev. Alone we have small chances to reach our destinations. We have to keep in mind that Kai must be in the same situation than we were recently, and I doubt that I will be able to manipulate Taleron the same way I did with the guards.? Shereen explained?she hadn?t a good feeling about the situation their friend was in?especially if Taleron was with him. ?As urgent as a communication with Yareena is now? we have to find Kai first, in a threesome we have a better chance to get to the control room where I believe to find the communication terminal. Besides?I know this place, I don?t want you to walk around with no idea where you are.? ?Then let us waste no time?,? Xev nodded and threw a gaze into the corridor outside?it was empty. Shereen collected the weapons from the floor and handed Xev one. ?Where to?? Xev asked. She really had no idea where she had to start. ?This way, the questioning rooms are several twists, turns and crossing corridors down there.? ?Okay?let?s go!? Xev closed the cell door behind them and then they walked close to the wall down the corridor?.always aware of possible patrols.

    The recent activated records didn?t trigger any slopped memories. He knew about the things the records showed him. Mainly training units to get his programming accommodated to the skills he should perform. The Biovezirs had to change several things so he worked properly and for the task he was created for. He vaguely remembered the day they attached the brace, so he was able to kill in this special way next to several other ways he had learned before. They provided him with everything that was necessary to make hima Divine Assassin and the records also showed some later improvements that were done on him. The memories to all that weren?t pleasant, but nothing that scared him or seemed to be important.
    So why did Taleron show this rather unimportant details? Or had something happened that he wasn?t aware of in that time? Surely?why should he otherwise does that. But what could be worse than what he already had remembered?
    <Not your own pain ? the pain of others>, his subconsciousness whispered at him, <The pain you have inflicted to others.>
    An ice-cold knot formed in his stomach. Suddenly it became clear to him what would happen. Was it possible that His Shadow had given him back his memories during the time he had been an assassin? That he tried to confront Kai?s personality with what he had done and was still doing? Only to try to break him with that knowledge?
    If this was the fact, then why should this have any impact on him? He knew that at this point in time the protoblood and his undead state already had deprived him of all sensations. He surely hadn?t been able to feel something that could have made him give up or break. But what if those memories weren?t from a point in time decades later? What if they were close to the time they had changed him into the assassin? A time where he might hadn?t felt any pain done to his body?but still was able to express and feel emotions?
    Kai needn?t to wait until exactly that feared situation was shown by the records?from one moment to the next he just knew that this was the case?his memories hit him with full intension?and he remembered everything faster than the records were able to show.

    He was in a dark room, only the dark scheme of His Shadow next to him was visible to him. He stumbled back when the tyrant gave him back his memories. The new assassin he was, knew numbers of ways to defend himself against threats?but against this threat he was powerless.
    He was powerless against these sudden impressions, these sudden confrontation with who he had been?and what he had become. With the sudden knowledge how perfect he was now trained and skilled by the Divine become a being he never wanted to be...but with no chance to prevent it. Without his willpower he was nothing but a obedient dog. Kai shivered inwardly at this cognition. His hands baled to fists but next to this emotions, he still was able to feel, he was incapable to notice his body the way a living man does. The protobloods influence...he only wondered that he still had those emotions?either it was because it hasn?t reached its full effect or was it caused by the low level of protoblood he was re-animated with ? undoubtedly for security reasons.
    <They fear you>
    But why? He was an assassin, but he was powerless against the Divine Order.
    Kai tried to orientate, but the darkness around him was impenetrably, even with his new skills, or was this also an effect of the low amount of protoblood?
    Kai felt weak?he normally had the ability to fight everything, but not now?every thought about resistance was crumbled to dust.
    Kai registered the wall behind him, he didn?t feel it, he just detected it in a strange mechanical way. Everything was so different, much more different before they had finalized the decarbonisation process on his body?, and the animation with protoblood.
    But it was odd to feel at least some emotions?a last chance for his Shadow to humiliate him again? A last chance to break him once and for all?

    For a brief moment, Kai?s present self asked: Or had he always tend to feel some slight emotions when he was low on protoblood? Kai didn?t remember this part well, but the few times he was low on protoblood since he had met Stan and Xev?there had been something deep inside him that wanted to emerge, but that he had denied!? Surely?he had admitted that to Xev not long ago: He always had been afraid that something would happen to her?this only could be a proof for it?or? Strange to learn the answer to that question after such a long time?and in this place.
    This brief thoughts ended as sudden as they emerge?something else replaced them?something more unpleasant and more emotional: he knew what would come now?he tried to keep all the memories about that out of his mind?but he knew that he would loose that fight?they were to intense, too horrible and much too real?Kai felt anxiety rising inside, unintentionally his body tensed, he vaguely felt the bonds around his wrist cutting into his flesh when he stemmed against them?this moment would reveal the horrible truth of what he had done in this dark room and what he would do for long 2000 years in the service of the Divine Order. He was afraid to witness it again?fully alive and fully capable to all emotions bond to it. Kai didn?t know if he was ready to stand it?but he knew that he had no choice?he never had any choice?he had to resist against what Taleron wanted to reach with it?it didn?t matter to him any longer if Taleron was able to see him fighting with these memories, or the fact that the wounds caused by the bonds would heal in an instant and reveal his little secret?the only thing that mattered to him now, was to withstand, to not give in!

    ?Today your new future has begun, last of the BrunnenG,? he heard His Shadow whispering in his ear. Gloved hands gripped his arms and Kai detected that he was still undressed.
    The horror of his own, heavily disfigured body came back, but this wasn?t the most disturbing point in this moment. Something else drew his attention suddenly: he not only smelled blood but he also detected that he was all over covered with blood?he saw it when the room was lightened up?and not only he saw the blood on his naked body?he also saw the reason for it:

    Everywhere on the ground were corpses?some of them violently deformed so no one could detect which gender or age they were?but the smallest of them had been undoubtedly children.
    With a terrible outcry Kai stumbled back as he understood?
    His Divine Shadow had loosened him for the first time at his future victims?they were the first in an endless line of thousands he would kill.
    The sight of the dead people and the blood all over was the explicit proof for his guilt?and this very moment something inside this new assassin, who once had been a proud warrior of the BrunnenG, was shattered to pieces.
    He barely noticed the firm grip of His Shadow who pressed him triumphantlydown to the floor, into the blood of his victims.
    ?You see that you will do as I demand, and?,? poignant sarcasm crept into His Shadows voice: ??you?re doing that with an efficiency that surpass all my expectations!?
    Kai just lay on the ground,his gaze unfocused and almost blank. The bright fire of resistance was diminished to almost zero. He noticed a small glimpse of this rebellious fire still inside but he also knew that it was over for the moment.
    He wasn?t able to act against His Shadow...nor was he able to fulfill the prophecy...His Shadow would deprive him of his memories and of his personality ? it was the only way he would obey. They both knew it, and this was His Shadows only victory over him ? for now.

    ?Some day, the prophecy will be fulfilled?we both know it?because some day you will make the crucial mistake?,? he said?completely emotionless. The dead didn?t care what happened after that.
    Talerons records stopped with this picture?Kai on the ground?a triumphant His Shadow above, pressing him down into the blood of his victims?there was no resistance coming from the BrunnenG?
    The situation was all to clear to Taleron.
    With a terrifying grin on his face he watched the BrunnenG fighting against the memories and the knowledge what had happened. The desperation Kai?s whole body radiated let him drew his own kind of conclusions?the BrunnenG was on the edge?and he would soon tell him what he wanted to know?he deactivated the mind probe and waited with a real ugly expression on his face for Kai?s reaction of this defeat.

    Only slowly the all too real memories faded.
    Kai groaned. The mental agonies he suffered were much worse than anything he had to experience before?even the normal memories after he got alive again weren?t that agonizing. True, he suffered under the knowledge that he had killed thousands of innocent people?but now he had to learn bitterly that his soul, his self, should have known all that before.
    Hadn?t his mind built a mental barrier around it?facing all this he surely hadn?t survived the first days of his new life.
    But was there a difference when he did learn about it? Kai felt helplessly committed to his memories again ? especially to these new facts. He always knew that his inconsistent stability could be shattered anytime, but he never guessed that it would be shattered by something so incredible and brutal.
    Thanks to Taleron these old and yet new memories were free ?

    Kai felt his muscles tensing and the mental pain converting into physical agony as well?Taleron had set fire on something that he truly wasn?t able to control much longer?
    Old memories and new memories started to hit him in flashbacks he couldn?t lock away or control anymore?it was a huge flood of pictures that tortured him again and again.
    Why all that? What had he done that he had to suffer such a fate? Kai didn?t know if he should scream or not, if he should be angry or not, if he should cry or not.
    Best he would die this very moment. But of course?this won?t be very helpful.
    He heard Talerons mordant voice cutting through the dense curtain of horror, guilt, regret, anger, hate and sadness.
    ?Well, Kai? I think you?ll understand now, don?t you? His Divine Shadow always had his own special way to convince people. How is it to know how you became such a monster??
    Kai winced, but he kept silent. Too many thoughts ran through his mind, too many sensations?anxiety, desperation, pain?anger. Way- outs arose:?giving up, continuing?
    Taleron watched Kai?s tensed body, his fight with everything going on?he waved at his assistant to bring him other instruments for questioning?if this BrunnenG needed something more to get convinced about the senselessness of his resistance?well, he had still something up his sleeve?the old way to get people to talk. His patience was used up?, and he wanted answers ? now!
    ?Give up!? Taleron hissed. ?Then I?ll spare you the rest!?
    Kai?s chest raised and fell heavily, it was difficult for him to concentrate on reality?but he clearly felt the sudden coldness of a blade on his skin. ?It?s astonishing how those marks of your time as assassin had disappeared?or healed.?
    Kai felt the blade wandering up from his belly to his chest.
    ?But despite?now you have so many vulnerable human sides. I?m asking myself if your old condition isn?t something you want to have back right now?no thoughts, no pain?the chance to kill me??
    Kai still didn?t react. His eyes were still closed firmly and they trembled slightly with strain. Talerons gaze wandered over to the table where Kai?s jacket and the brace lay.
    ?Maybe with the brace? Why have you kept it, if your past was that horrible you don?t want to reminded to it, mh?? Taleron pressed the tip of the blade a bit down above the place where his heart was.
    Kai breathed in sharply when he felt the movement?a part of him cried out for the release that would come with it. Once the tip would cut his skin right there and penetrate his heart?a final release from all this agony would be the result.
    But nearly the same time a part of him begged for this favor?another part intervened with the ice-cold remark that everything would be lost if he was about to give up right here and now? hadn?t he already sacrificed too much to give up? To pass the game to Taleron, who would surely destroy the DarkZone as soon as he gave in?
    Desperately Kai tried to get control over the inner strife between what he wanted and what he wanted to prevent, over his sensations and his flood of memories. It was like looking at a mountain so high you never were able to reach its top. Kai?s mouth was dry and he pressed his lips together, his eyelids so tightly closed that he was able to see a red gleam.
    It matters not
    If the cause is lost
    And we cannot stop the tide
    We will fight to the end
    And then fight again
    It will be a good way to die

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    Chapter 39

    Unleashed wrath

    The world seemed to stop around him?.
    And then there was suddenly the familiar sensation of advertised visions he had received from the prophetess before. He knew that it had only been a question of time until he would receive such pictures again?but why of all points in time now?
    He felt the pictures pouring into his mind unstoppable ? replacing his current torturing memories?

    He saw again a battle in space?more clearly now than before. The homeworlds of the Arcannea: Sha?ra, T?uara and Arcan?s glowing with fire in the darkness of space?like his own planet millennia ago. Kai knew that this weren?t real events?but events that could come true?if he gave up, if he wasn?t able to escape the sways of Taleron. The prophetess had a wonderful sense to remind him to that at this point in time. Worse enough that he barely felt the energy to act. The mental pain, caused by the ex-Biovesirs records had drained him of all the strength.
    <Don?t give up> he heard a low voice in his mind. <You now know what they have done to you?how they humiliated you, His Shadow as well as Taleron.>
    No doubt, it was the prophetess. Again she wanted to help him?and again he wasn?t sure if he wanted that help, but he tried to listen to her words.
    <Don?t you feel anger when you?re thinking about all those events?> she asked on?another flood of pictures hit him?this time all very familiar ones: He saw his home, destroyed by His Shadow. His friends?murdered as well as himself; then he saw again what they had done to him, what he had become, what he had done?
    <Kai, use the strongest weapon humanity disposes of?aggressiveness and anger in the face of unfairness?they were locked up too long?free them!>
    <I cannot.> it was the first what came into his mind when he watched at all this.
    <You have to?fulfill this prophecy and don?t let the sacrifices we all have given be senseless? surrender yourself to what your anger yields?to the strength that will be born out of it, it?s the only chance?for you and for us, please Kai!>
    Kai pressed his lips together until they whitened when the intensity of the pictures and the sensations with it increased. He felt the urge to release what waited behind all of it?he felt the wrath inside him increasing?but was it the right way to let the tiny little rest of control slide away with a release of this purest and most primitive sensation of all?
    Was it right to admit this dark part of him to take control and take revenge for everything he had to suffer in the past and present? A suffering that resulted from exact the deeds this dark part was responsible for? It sounded all too odd to him.
    What would happen if he gave up a certain amount of control over the firewall that held this dark part captive?
    Once freed, the assassin programming in combination with the insect-DNA of his blood would be a very explosive and dangerous mixture?not only to the enemies around him, also to himself. He had experienced it shortly after the surgery.
    Inwardly Kai shook his head?how dare could the prophetess demand something like that of him?
    <Because you have no other choice!> came the sharp reply through the darkness. <You will never be complete until you accept this part?it?s upon you!> The prophetess? presence vanished as sudden as it had appeared.
    It was more than clear to him that he had to act...there was not much more time to waste.
    Kai groaned inwardly. The conflict tore him apart, the fresh memories hit him every second, telling him the he was a victim as well as an offender.
    Why, why all that?
    Nothing was certain for him anymore...not only an offender, but also a victim. His heart wanted to cry, what by all the gods had he done that he deserved that?
    He hadn?t an answer, and he doubted that the universe itself had an answer to that. But it didn?t matter.
    The prophetess was right. He had no choice. Liar. In their first meeting she had told him the opposite...well,not really. The other options wasn?t really an option for him. Some humans were doomed to have no choice because their conscience would never let them choose another option.
    It was so ironic.

    He gave in and allowed the beast he so feared to emerge from the depths where it had been buried for such a long time.

    An ice-cold anger awoke with it and spread through him. He felt it crawling through every nerve, every muscle and every cell, he felt how it made him stronger the second he let it into his heart.
    Terrified and troubled his first intension was to stop it?he felt like drowning, the water was rising and rising and suddenly there was nowhere air to breathe. He felt a tremendous fear to lose control over the dark strong part that now arose....
    Kai gulped inwardly.
    Control...he had control over it. Since the day he was changed again?since the day the Arcannea helped him to protect himself from this evil side, he had control.
    There was no need to fear this side of him. It was in the end a part of him.
    The prophetess was right?he needed his two sides?the dark part as well as the other one.
    He had to stop fighting against this dark part. More than that?he had to welcome and accept it, without it he never had the chance to overcome his current conflict and without it he was not able to fight against Taleron.
    He felt the faltering firewall strengthen when he directed his thoughts on this?once he pushed his fear back and opened his mind for more acceptance, a new option appeared suddenly?
    He felt his skills broaden with new options. All of his senses sharpened and his thoughts cleared up, and he knew know how to handle the bond that held this dark part under control. He was able to decrease or increase the firewalls strength and therefor its influence on the protoblood - on pure behalf of his will.
    It freed more potential than the already simple increased skills he had used from his assassin potential on their way here.
    A dangerous potential that reminded him a lot to the half-mad assassin Stan and Xev accidentally were confronted with centuries ago. Dangerous because of the fact that there was now the additional part of his emotions. And these emotions were understandable concentrated wrath at the moment.

    His body relaxed suddenly and he opened his eyes to look at Taleron.

    Taleron wasn?t prepared to what followed. He made a step back when he saw Kai?s eye color changing from his normal hazel tone to yellow.

    ?I kept it, because I need something to kill you with!? Kai answered in a voice that would have sent shivers down everyone?s back. Talerons attitude flickered with insecurity shortly, but then he got his control back. He was suddenly a bit unsure about Kai?s sudden change in behavior.
    He decided not to take any risk?too much reminded him suddenly to a gone mad assassin.
    ?Kill him!? he ordered his assistant and handed him the knife. ?But?,? the man objected. ?No buts?or it?s your turn to die just before he does!? Taleron hissed and walked over to the console where he was able to activate a magnetic field that would kill everyone on the table and close by, once he pushed the button. It was the last security, if his assistant failed.
    Talerons assistant drew slowly close to Kai to fulfill his master?s command. What should happen? This man was tied?

    Kai on the other hand ignored the assistant completely. He only stared full of hate at Taleron?
    His concentration split between the sudden radiating hate that came from this dangerous human fire inside him, and the listening to his more cool part: the deadly Divine Assassin programming.
    It started suddenly to support him with more information he needed to develop a strategy ? like if it had never stopped working. Kai wasn?t surprised. He was aware from the beginning that everything he once had been taught and programmed with was still there. Now finally it was usable again. He got complete access to it again. It seemed that every limitation was gone when he had allowed his dark assassin side to return.
    It was odd, somehow strange to access this very old data that served for such a terrible purpose before?but deadly comforting that he knew he was able to rely on everything that was saved on this chip.

    ?I've killed mothers with their babies. I've killed great politicians, proud young warriors and revolutionaries. I've killed the evil, the good, the intelligent, the weak - and the beautiful. I have done this in the service of His Divine Shadow and his predecessors as long as I wasn?t able to remember who I was. But I regained my identity?and I fulfilled the prophecy of the Time Prophet?as hard as His Shadow tried to make a mockery out of it by trying to made me obeying his commands. But one thing you should know Taleron: His attempt to change me into a Divine Assassin made it in the end impossible to break my free will. With the protoblood cursing through my no longer human veins - my decarbonized body, I lost all humanity, all abilities to act like a human. I lost my ability to feel?.pain, guilt, remorse?there was nothing he could do to me to make me break?it was too late.
    His Shadow and Biovesirs like you have done enough to me?have caused enough pain to many people?I will not admit that you continue with it as long as I live?and as long as this one BrunnenG is alive?no insect will survive in this universe! Ask His Shadow when you meet him!? Kai said in an icy cold statement.
    Taleron laughed again, but it didn?t sound very certain. The glittering in Kai?s yellow eyes really irritated him?how could he suddenly possess the marks of a gone mad assassin?
    The assistant, who had reached the BrunnenG in the meantime, was about to push the knife down, but the end of Kai?s statement was also the begin of his unstoppable going-into-action plan. Kai suddenly straightened up and tore the bonds apart as if they were only made of paper. He ignored the knife that of course penetrated his chest. Instead he grabbed the man with his now free arms and threw him with bone-breaking force across the room.
    Taleron froze a moment in surprise?but he knew that he had no time to loose if Kai was able to free himself from these strong bonds. He hurried to activate the magnetic field.
    Completely unimpressed Kai pulled out the knife and threw it at the second assistant, who fell dying to the floor at once. Kai didn?t wait until his self-healing strength had finished its deeds?he jumped from the table to avoid any contact with the magnetic field that Taleron had successfully activated now.
    ?What the?? Taleron stated when he saw Kai acting like that. He couldn?t believe that. This wasn?t possible. Kai couldn?t still be a Divine Assassin! But some of his behavior was unfortunately very similar?Taleron didn?t hesitate any longer. He would have time to think about that later?he had to get out of here! Fortunately the door was much closer to him than Kai. He threw a startled look at the slender BrunnenG, who stood at the opposite of the room, glaring darkly at him with baled fists. He nearly could feel the anger and wrath radiating from him. Oh no, at the moment it was better to retreat?
    ?Stan wasn?t able to tell you the whole story?he didn?t know it,? Kai explained in a stressed voice. ?But he was right when he assumed that my life was almost over again. But thanks to the Arcannea there was a way back?a way back to kill you once and for all. Something I should have done 4000 years ago!?
    Taleron gulped, but regained his countenance. ?You are and you will forever be a creature of His Divine Shadow?look at yourself?you might be more human than before?but this human part will be your death someday?and this day will be soon!? Taleron said godawful. Kai pressed his lips together and started to move into Talerons direction.
    But the Biovesir of course knew when to leave, and he did that in a very fast way. He knew that he wasn?t able to stop Kai at the moment?so he needed more time. He jumped through the cell door and locked it securely ? hoping that this would stop him for a while.
    How by all dark forces could that have happened? He hadn?t foreseen or planned this outcome!

    Talerons narrow escape now released Kai?s full potential of sympathetic emotions he had been able to keep under the surface for a while. But now it was over.
    Ancient anger and rage ? held back for 6000 years only by the circumstance that Kai wasn?t able to express them - made its way out.
    He had more reason than anyone else in this whole universe to be angry.
    But even he hadn?t thought that he was able to feel hate and wrath with the same intensity he was able to love.

    When Taleron fled out the room and locked the door, Kai let the hot wave of rage, which was dammed over such a long time, out in an angry scream.
    He jumped after Taleron and attacked the door with such a sudden furious energy that it burst under his attack. Kai stumbled back a few meters until he felt the table behind him.
    It was enough! They had done enough to him! Started with His Shadow, the Biovesirs and now Taleron? it was more than he was able to carry.
    Kai breathed in sharply to get back control over his emotions and his of anger shaking body?but it was almost senseless. He knew that it would be better to think in the way the ice-cold assassin part would do, but he clearly felt that his human part was not ready to admit that.
    Kai was aware that he was closer to insanity than anytime before?but could anyone who knew about what he had gone through adjudge him for that?
    Surely not.
    He knew that this pure wrath would allow him to hunt Taleron down?to stop him from everything what he might was up to next. And not only for his own sake and satisfaction he wanted to see Taleron dead?no, he was here for another reason. Another reason that would save the people of the DarkZone and may fulfill another prophecy.
    This was the crucial point where at least the current emotional chaos was calmed down a bit ? he needed the aggression, but he had to keep the balance too.
    His gaze shifted around and focused on the small table where his personal stuff was put on before they had tied him to the table. His brace lay on top, where Taleron had dropped it after looking at it. Abrupt he pushed away from the table and walked snappy over to recollect his weapon. He didn?t waste a second thought on his jacket, without any further stop he walked through the destroyed door into the gangway.
    He had an assumption where Taleron wanted to go to. There was only one place in this galaxy where he might was safe for some time: his fleet. There he would be able to summon up enough time to end his plans?something Kai wanted to stop. And there was only one place in this palace where Taleron was able to start with his departure: the control room.
    Kai knew from Shereens floor plan, that this control room was located two levels higher?ground floor. The prison of course was built as far down as possible?
    Kai walked down the corridor?straight towards the next elevator. None of the by Taleron alarmed guards survived an encountering with him. The with insect-DNA modified palace guards were without chance against his sanguinary wrath. Like millennia ago, he left a trace of death behind?all the way up to the original palace.
    It matters not
    If the cause is lost
    And we cannot stop the tide
    We will fight to the end
    And then fight again
    It will be a good way to die

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    Oh, it's just great! Such strong emotions...Aenea, you are a genius writer!

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