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    Another alternative 5th season

    Well, after reading so much fan-fic, I couldn?t resist to stir my imagination and offer another alternative 5th season. Critiques and ideas welcome as always.

    Disclaimer: All characters and situations other than my own are the sole property of Alliance Atlantis and the creators of LEXX. My fan fiction is just for entertainment and not for profit. No copyright infringement intended, however I don't want other people using what I've written without my permission

    Lexx 5.1 ? The first steps of a bug ship
    Starring: Brian Downey, Xenia Seeberg, Nigel Bennett, Eva Habermann, Michael McManus, Rolf Kanies, Patricia Zentilli

    The little Lexx flies through the space. The beautiful Xev lies on a purple soft round plot, looking much like her old bed on the old Lexx. She?s crying and she?s singing a very sad song ? the theme of the now fully extinct race of the Brunnen-G.
    Stanley stands on the captain?s place on the bridge. He looks down at the dead 790-head lying on the floor. Than he looks up at the screen and rises up his hand. A blue template with the form of his hand appears. He waves his hand through it and a soft voice says:
    - What do you command me to do, captain?
    - Call me Stan, little Lexx.
    - As you command, Stan.
    - Little Lexx, do you know who your father? or mother was?
    - No, Stan.
    - He? She? whatever... was called Lexx. He was the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. He could blow up planets, you know. I was wondering, can you blow up planets too?
    - I don?t know, Stan. I have never tried before.
    - Well then, we?ll try the moment we find an asteroid or something uninhabited.
    - As you command, Stan.

    Meanwhile on a green planet not so far from that place, in a big room with different golden decorations on the walls a woman sits on her throne. She is beautiful too. In fact her beauty can only be compared to Xev?s, although she looks different. She has white skin, white hair, a blue dress, which enhances her forms and a golden cloak. She?s Zev! A man enters the room through the big wooden ornamented doors. He?s afraid to look Zev in the eyes, instead he looks down. He bows in front of her and asks:
    - My Princess, may I speak?
    - Why didn?t you knock, before you came in? ? Zev asks annoyed.
    - I?m sorry, my princess, it?s urgent.
    Zev pulls a little rope hanging near her. A bell rings and a big muscled man enters the room.
    - What may I do for you, my princess?
    - The moment this man finishes what he has to say, have him beheaded!
    - Forgive me, my princess, but there is someone, who wishes to speak to you ? the doomed man says.
    He rises up and willingly goes with the muscled man to his death. They both walk to the exit, but suddenly stop, and bow to the one entering the room. A familiar voice says:
    - So good, to see you again, my princess!
    Zev looks at the visitor with respect and asks:
    - Prince! Why have you come before me?
    Without any answer Prince smiles to her.

    The little Lexx approaches a black planet. Stanley looks at it with expectations. Xev comes to the bridge.
    - What?s that, Stan? ? she asks.
    - A planet, which looks uninhabited. I wanna try the new Lexx?es weapon.
    - Don?t we want to make sure it?s uninhabited before that?
    - It would be a waste of time! It?s black! It can?t support life!
    Xev gases at Stanley with blame.
    - Oh, fine than! Little Lexx, scan the planet for life forms! ? Stanley says annoyed.
    - As you command, captain!
    - Happy?! ? asks Stanley.
    Xev looks down with sadness in her eyes.
    - No.
    - Xev, it?s been a couple of days since he? died. I?m sorry, but we have to move on. I have overcome it already. You should have done the same, instead of humming his songs all day. It would be best for you. ? Stanley says with concern for his friend. Besides, he still hasn?t given up the hope, that one day they would end up naked in the same bed.
    - If 4000 years weren't enough for me to overcome my love to him, how could a few days be enough? - Xev says with tension.
    - Captain, I haven?t been able to find any life forms on that planet. Because of its black atmosphere, I can?t see the planet surface. I also indicate no radio signals, so I conclude that it is uninhabited. Shall I try to blow it up now?
    - Black atmosphere. Now we are sure, that it contains no life, and we have just lost the time checking it ? says Stanley, looking at Xev unhappy about the couple of seconds they wasted.
    - We are not in a hurry anyway! ? Xev says offended and starts walking towards her bed chamber.
    - Don?t you wanna see, if little Lexx?es weapon works?
    - I don?t really care much. I don?t care about anything anymore. You have fun destroying planets without much sence.
    - Well, I will. Little Lexx, destroy the planet!
    - As you command, Stan ? little Lexx says with excitement about his first serious task.
    Outside little Lexx opens up the spheres on his surface. Little blue dots come out and form a circle just in front of him. The blue deadly circle moves towards the planet. Xev stops in the corridor and turns at the screen to see what will happen. She wouldn?t do it if she was 100% human, but her cluster lizard nature make her too curios to miss little Lexx?es first shot.
    Suddenly the screen changes and shows an old man in a dark room. With efforts he opens his mouth and speaks:
    - Please, aliens! Don?t kill us, we are peaceful!
    Stanley quickly changes the expression on his face from ?I?m a little kid, who wants to see what his new toy can do? to ?Oh, my God! What did my new toy just do?!?. Xev runs back to the center of the bridge horrified.

    Well, time for Commercials at the middle of the episode :) Till my next post, folks!
    I expect you to write your opinions of my writing attempts too :)
    Lexxian forever :)

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    Well it looks like you had fun writing to your little heart's content and it shows! Quite imaginative and a very nice read. Let's see more..

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    There?s the 2nd part of the episode.

    - Lexx! Cancel the instructions! Don?t fire! ? shouts Stanley.
    - I?m sorry, Stan. It?s too late.
    The circle of deadly blue dots hits the planet. The part of the planet, which is hit, explodes. The image of the old man dissolves and little Lexx shows the planet again. Fortunately the bigger part of the planet remains. Stan and Xev look at the screen with hope, that the man would appear again.
    - Mister?! Are you ok? ? asks Stanley. No answer comes.
    - Well, Stan, apparently you should have done a more accurate search ? says Xev. ? We must go down at the planet and help the survivors.
    - Survivors?! Little Lexx, just blew up the planet! Well, yeah, it?s still there, but the explosion wasn?t small enough to let anybody live!
    - Stanley! ? says Xev with her typical insisting voice.
    - Yeah, let?s go help some strangers, who are most probably dead. Meanwhile, we can get into trouble, like we do every time! We should learn from our previous mistakes, you know! Because this time we have no Kai to save us!
    Xev looks both surprised and angry at Stan.
    - Ok, Xev, I?m sorry, I?m just stating the fact here.
    Xev begins to look with hatred at Stan.
    - Allright, fine, you go then! I?m waiting here.
    - Whatever. I don?t need you anyway!
    - But be quick! You have two hours and than I?m outta here!
    - Don?t you dare say that, Stanley Tweedle!
    Xev gets in the moth and shuts the window with a loud bang.
    - Oh, boy, when will she grow up and stop being so stupid?! ? says Stanley to himself.
    Xev flies away and Stanley looks at the robot head.
    - Wake up, 790, she?s gone. ? he says.
    The screens of the robot head immediately show what they are supposed to ? his eyes and mouth.
    - I missed you, my gorgeous guard of my love!
    - Just shut up! I only repaired you, so you find us a nice live bearing planet, on which we can live.
    - But, Stanley! Why do you insist, that I pretend to be dead in front of the love slut? It would make me great pleasure to tell her what I think of her! Or reminding her of Kai? Right now I could make her collapse with mere words! - says the robot with malicious joy.
    - Exactly! That?s why I don?t want her to speak to you. She?s too vulnerable right now ? says Stanley with concern. - Now start searching!

    Xev?s moth enters the black atmosphere of the half-destroyed planet. Right after little Lexx?es shot, the black clouds had been blown away, but now they have taken their previous places, covering the surface. Xev presses some buttons on the moth?s panel. She can?t see anything outside because of the clouds. A structure appears on the little screen. It must have been a very high building, but now it?s mostly ruins. On the destroyed supports there is a large steel sphere. Xev presses some buttons again and the screen zooms in to show a small hole in the sphere, from where she could get in. It would have been a good idea to get a pressure suit with her, because the black clouds are probably poisonous, but it?s too late to go back. Besides any survivors might not have that time. She aims the moth at the gap.

    Prince moves closer to Zev (or the woman who just looks like Zev, but isn?t).
    - Will you help me, Karina? ? he asks her.
    - I don?t see any reason, why I shouldn?t give you shelter, but neither do I see one, why I should spare the resources for your other request.
    - Because it would give you access to the most powerful weapon in the universe.
    - I shall think. And I?m glad to see you again, my prince.
    - Always a pleasure, my princess ? says Isembard and exits the throne room.
    As the door closes ex-president Priest, who has been waiting outside, bows to Prince and kisses his hand.
    - How did it go, my Prince?
    - Well enough. However we might have to conquer a throne to accomplish our goals.

    Xev flies in the hole. It appears to be a corridor. There are a lot of damages on the walls of the corridor. Wires, steam and sparks come out of various places. A little deeper Xev sees a landing area. She lands and gets out of the moth with a torch in one hand and a squaker in the other. She smells a terrible reek, but her wish to help and to explore is stronger than the fear of the poison, which could be contained in the air. She raises the squaker and speaks to Stanley:
    - Stan, I?ve landed. Most of the stuff looks broken here. I probably won?t stay too long, the air might be poisonous. Stay put.

    - Stan, there?s a transmission coming from the planet on the squaker channel. ? says little Lexx.
    - Play it for me, little Lexx.
    - ?lan?broken?stay?lon?poison?
    - What?! ? asks Stan. Little Lexx plays the message again. ? Great! I didn?t understand anything!
    - You don?t need to, my love! ? says 790. ? The blond bitch is in trouble and will most likely soon die.
    - What?! How do you know that? ? asks Stan.
    - Well, I managed to decode some of the message and I analyzed the atmosphere. It has been polluted with various gases and will kill a man after an hour exposure. We?re gonna be alone, my love! Take me in your manly arms and kiss me!
    - No! ? says Stanley with worry. ? I have to warn her!
    - But she can?t hear you! The electromagnetic charges in the atmosphere are disturbing the channel, so she would never hear you. Leave her behind and put me on your front!
    - Shut up, you? pervert! I?m going down! I?m gonna save her!
    - Don?t be a hero! You have never been one, and I like you this way! Stay here, enjoy me, while the whore dies! Don't leave me alone!
    Without bothering to answer Stanley gets in the other moth and flies away.

    Expect the third part next week.
    Lexxian forever :)

    My Bulgarian website on science fiction:
    The anthologies that featured my short stories (for now only in Bulgarian): My Goodreads profile

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    Great story, I haven't seen many season 5 themed stories and this one is very well done.

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    This is great; and yes, continuing is good! It's great to have Zev back!
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    Wow, this looks really great....

    It?s an interesting topic you started with, Zev and Prince....mhhh...our lovely Zec seemed to have a little "bad" touch, I?m really interested where your story goes, please continue....

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    Fabulous! Excellent!
    And very lexxian...
    I can imagine it all so clearly and it's real fun... :smt023
    Go on and keep it coming...
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    Great stuff!

    It felt like I was watching an episode :D
    Spot on characterisation.

    I am very intrigued as to where you are going with the Zev angle... Oooh it will be fun to have her a little bit bad :twisted:
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    Great story, n5-kopele,
    I really like the way you've written it so far; plus, you're a good writer & should write more. I can't wait to read more about the adventures of `Little Lexx'.

    Happy June,
    Jhevz ;) [smilie=icon_zev.gif] [smilie=icon_xev.gif]
    Happy Spring

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    Just read this today & I am most intrigued about the Prince - Zev/Karina storyline. :smt023

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