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    Thank you all for the compliments. I hope I keep it "great" to the end.

    Xev reached a large steel door. There was a button next to it, which she pressed. The door opened itself. She saw a small room with a large device on the right wall ? a big machine full of buttons and levers. On its center there was a screen and a small camera above it. Probably that was where the old man communicated them. Some things on an unknown language were written on the screen. There were also a lot of numbers and a big arrow under the written stuff, pointing to a green button. Xev pressed it. A male computer voice said:
    - Communication destination: set ? large bug ship.
    Lexx?es bridge vaguely showed itself on the screen. Xev looked closer, to search for Stanley, but the image dissolved before she could clearly see anything. The computer voice spoke again:
    - Electromagnetic storm, please try later.
    She saw another door behind the communication device. She opened it the same way and saw a large room. There were dead people lying on the floor, there were also ships with weapons on them sparse chaotically and a big window in the attic, probably where the ships are supposed to go out from. She looked the corpses and found the old man near the door. Actually every one of them looked pretty old. Even with her love slave program she wouldn?t do any of them ? they were even older than Stanley Tweedle. However she was there to help so she got closer to the man, who contacted them. She squat next to him and pushed him with her arm.
    - Are you ok? ? she asked.
    No answer came. She stood up and shouted:
    - Is anyone of you alive? I?m here to help.
    Again no answer. She signed and tried to go back to her moth. Suddenly the man streched his arm and grabbed her leg. Xev jumped back in fright.
    - The injection! Give it to me! NOW! ? the man shouted with hoarse voice.
    - Where is it? ? Xev asked.
    - In my ship of course!
    She looked at the nearest ship. Its cover was opened. She looked inside and found an opened suitcase with a lot of injections in it. She took one of them and showed it to the old man.
    - Is this it?
    He had fainted, so he couldn?t answer. Xev looked at the injection without knowing what exactly she should do. She penetrated his chest with the needle and pressed the brown liquid in him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at her. He boggled and stood up quickly. Xev stepped back, surprised of the quick recovery.
    - You are the alien, who tried to kill us with his bug ship! ? the man shouted.
    - No, it was an accident. We didn?t know there were people on this planet! I came down to help.
    - Help? Look at them ? he waved his arm to show her the large amount of corpses. His injection, still sticking up from his chest, was only half used. He took it out, put it in the shoulder of the nearest corpse and pushed the rest of the liquid in the body. Nothing happened. ? You see? It?s too late. I?m lucky to be alive at all. You have killed us all.
    - It was unintentional, I assure you. We didn?t want this to happen.
    - You should go on trial for what you did! And you would deserve a death sentence.
    Xev looked down.
    - Unfortunately all the layers and judges on this planet are dead ? said the man with sadness.
    - I understand your pain ? Xev said sympathetic.
    - Yeah, right.
    - There might be survivors at the other side of the planet ? Xev said with hope.
    - No, there aren?t.
    - What makes you think so?
    - Somehow I know. Get me another injection.
    - What are those injections for? ? asked Xev on her way to the ship.
    - They keep us alive. And also add some? superpowers to the one using them.
    - Superpowers?
    She opened the suitcase and took it to the man. He took out another injection and pushed some of the liquid out to check whether it was working.
    - Yeah, you?ll soon find out?
    Suddenly he stuck it in Xev?s shoulder. She screamed.
    - ? for yourself! ? he finished his sentence.

    Stan landed his moth next to Xev?s.
    - She isn?t in the moth, 790. I?m gonna look for her.
    790 answered from the Lexx.
    - This is really stupid, Stan! Come back, please!
    - No, 790, and that?s it! If you? love me, - he said with disgust, - than you will help me find her!
    - As you wish, my love. She just tried to contact me through the same communication device the other man was using. Find it and you might find her.
    - Can you tell me where to search?
    - I?d be able to determine the exact location, if it wasn?t the charges in the atmosphere. I?m barely able to keep my connection to you from breaking. And I mean it in both cases, Stan! I need your love and you give me nothing!
    Stan pushed the button to break the connection before he heard any other confessions. He put the helmet of the pressure suit on his head and opened the moth?s window.
    - Oh, Xev, where are you? ? said he to himself.

    Well, I know you?re all interested in Prince?s and Karina?s deal, but I intend to develop it slowly in a couple of episodes to keep the interest growing :) And don't think I'm not interested too - I haven't planed anything ahead, I make it up as I write it.
    Lexxian forever :)

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    Oh no, poor Xev! I wonder what this injection will do to her!

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    Karina walked away from her throne to the window on the left side of the room. She looked outside. From what one could see from there, he would establish, that Karina?s throne room was located very high above the ground. There were other tall buildings around it, but the building, she was in, was the tallest. High tech crafts were flying outside from one building to other. They flew without producing pollution, keeping the air and the planet clean. One of them contained Prince and his prot?g?. She wondered what they could be doing here after so much time. Doesn?t he have enough work on his primitive planet? Something very important must have happened for him to come to her. And what was that weapon he was talking about? She had decided to give them shelter and carry out his wishes until she found out.
    Prince?s craft reached the building it was set to go to. It landed on a small landing area, big enough to contain a craft and to allow people exiting it to enter the building. Prince and Priest walked through the door next to the landing area. They entered a big room full of girls. The blondest of them jumped to Priest?s opened arms.
    - Mister President! I missed you so badly! ? said Bunny, kissing the ex-president of US.
    - But we were gone for less than an hour, Bunnicons! ? answered Priest, hugging his wife hard enough, to stop her from seeing, that he was actually looking at the low neck of one of the last female survivors from the Earth.
    - But this is such a strange planet, I don?t know anyone here and I?m afraid and I miss my blanket and my mom and all my friends on Earth! You?re the only one I have, Mister President! - said Bunny as if she would burst in tears any moment.
    - Yes, yes, yes, ? said Priest, trying to push Bunny away, - but let?s concentrate on the more important work we have now. ? Priest turned to the girls, who were scattered around the big luxurious room on groups sharing gossip with one another. ? Girls, this is my last command as a President to you. Follow Isembard Prince, the former head of the ATF, to the craft outside and do as he says.
    Priest looked with sadness at the girls as they walked out of the room. After all of them were in the craft, Prince closed the door from the outside, got in the craft and left.
    - We are now FINALLY alone, Mister President ? said Bunny with both happiness and lust in her eyes.
    Priest laughed.

    Xev squiggled on the floor screaming from pain. Cluster lizard voice could be recognized in her screams. The old man looked surprised at her.
    - You should be alright already! Why are you in so much pain?
    He just kneeled next to her, without knowing what he should do. Apparently the events didn?t turn out to work the way he expected. He stroked her head with his wrinkled hand. She began to calm down. The screams gradually stopped.
    - What did you do to me? ? she asked.
    - I injected you with the liquid we all use to survive here. It stops the poison in the air from killing us.
    - You mean you tried to save me somehow? - asked Xev with trust in her eyes.
    - Yes and no. You see, alien, we are traders. We sell the injections to different people from different planets. This liquid is a very special one, developed by our most advanced scientists. It was designed to help people using it to develop superpowers, like, let's say rbeathing in our polluted atmosphere. In that matter it succeeded, but there were side effects. It makes the one using it dependable on it.
    - Meaning? ? asked Xev still lying weak on the floor.
    - Meaning, that you will die if you don?t inject yourself with it every 30 hours. And the only way you could get one is to pay me.
    - Or not! ? said Xev as she rose her arm and knocked the man unconscious. She stood up, took his body and started walking back to the moth. - Why can't I meet at least one good man in this universe? - she said to herself.

    Stanley walked slowly in a big misty space. He couldn?t see anything. He shouted Xev?s name over and over. Suddenly he heard a noise. It was coming from in front of him and it sounded like groaning. He ran to the source and saw another old man, lying next to a broken one-person ship.
    - Help me! ? he said.

    Xev reached her moth and saw Stanley?s right next to her one.
    - Stanley? Are you around here? ? she shouted.
    - Xev? I?m here. ? his voice sounded distant.
    She lied the body in her moth, ran to Stan and saw the other wounded man.
    - Get away from him, Stan!
    - Why?
    - He might be dangerous. I found the man, who contacted us. He stuck some kind of injection into me. He said it would give me superpowers, but also kill me, if I don?t injected myself with the same liquid every 30 hours.
    Stanley looked at Xev frightened.
    - No. I won?t hurt you. Just take me away from here, before I get too poisoned. ? the wounded man said with efforts.
    Xev looked at him with desire for revenge, but than she said:
    - Ok, we?ll take you to our ship.
    - Xev, if he is really dangerous, than we should leave him here! ? Stan involved. ? We have no protection now! ? he said quietly to her.
    - We destroyed their planet and we have to help them! ? said Xev with determination and grabbed his arms. ? Take the legs and let?s go.
    They carried the man to the moths just in time to see the other man, regaining consciousness and stealing Xev?s moth.
    - Damn! ? Stanley cursed.

    I know I could have made this part better, but I?m too lazy to edit it. If anyone has any notes on my english - share.
    Expect the full reveal of this planet?s mystery in the next part.
    Lexxian forever :)

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    You've got their character's down pat. I just hope the injection doesn't make Xev have to rely on it, like Kai does his protoblood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmlover
    You've got their character's down pat.
    I'm not a native speaker and I don't understand what u mean. Do u mean I've managed to keep their characters the way they are in the show, or that I have to work on that part harder?
    Lexxian forever :)

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    It means you have their character's personalities down well.

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    wow...what will they do now????
    No moth...they really are in problems, aren?t they???

    Keep it coming....I really like the development. It?s interesting to have a story placed around Stan and Xev...even if I miss Kai.
    But bringing Zev back is a real nice idea, im curious how you?ll developing this story line!!!

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    Zev isn't actually Zev, just looks like her, Kai will come back later somehow and they still have one moth - they both came down to the planet in different times with different moths.
    Lexxian forever :)

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    This chapter turned out to be really interesting, reading it for the second time, I can?t believe I managed to do it so. By the way I should warn you, it?s 18+ (I?m 16, but who's countin'?!? :D :oops: )

    Stan and Xev helped the other man to get in the other moth, which Stanley brought. He didn?t look so old like the rest of the people on the planet. As soon as they all got inside the moth, Stan closed the windows and removed his helmet.
    - So, what?s your deal, buddy? ? he asked the man.
    - I? I don?t feel so good right now! ? he answered.
    - Do you need an injection?! ? Xev said with anger in her voice.
    - No! ? the man shouted. He took out something, that looked like a gun, from his pocket and pointed it at Xev. ? And if you try to give me one, you will die!
    Stan looked both surprised and scared at the man.
    - I knew we should have left him behind! ? he said angrily.
    - No, relax, we are on your side now. ? Xev tried to calm him down. ? I was just injected with it by the man, who stole our moth. Is there an antidote for it?
    - The man was Ralek. I have been looking for him for a long time. As for the antidote, there is one but it will be very hard to get it. And it is much more expensive than the injection itself. It would be cheaper if you just kept injecting yourself for the rest of your life. The traders define the prices to make sure they win a lot of money. I and my planet are fighting against them. My name is Yasen, by the way.
    Xev groaned, still in pain from the injection:
    - I am Xev. This is Stanley.
    Stanley pushed the stick of the moth and it took off.
    - Yeah, hi ? he said. ? Will you finally tell me what this is all about?
    - Did you fire at the planet? ? the man asked in return.
    - Yes. But it was unintentional ? Xev said.
    - What kind of weapon would cause so much damage? ? the man asked,
    - The Lexx. The Little Lexx actually. It is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. At least it will be. When it grows up, it will be able to blow up whole planets. And we won?t fall in this kind of trouble. Now will you answer my question? ? Stan angrily said.
    - The two universes? ? Yasen kept asking.
    - Yeah, one of them got destroyed by Mantrid-dro... look, it doesn?t matter now! Just tell us about these traders and the injections!
    - Later. I need to clear my body from the poisons in the air, can you somehow help me?
    - We used to have a protein regenerator on our previous ship, but after it died we don?t know if we still have one ? Xev answered.
    The moth had already left the tunnel and now was flying in the atmosphere.
    - So what?s your story? Where are you from? ? Yasen asked.
    - I am from B3K. That was in the light universe. ? Xev answered.
    - How did you end up here?
    Stan sighed in vexation.

    Karina kept looking at the window. Prince?s craft had left the building she had given his? friends for accomodation and was now flying to her one. She wondered if he would keep his promise. It didn?t really matter actually, but she just wanted to see if he could be trusted. The craft suddenly changed its course diverting from the regular traffic stream, increased speed and crushed into one of the buildings. The explosion looked big and beautiful, it filled her soul with joy. The remains of the ship fell down. She tracked them for a while, until they got lost in the clouds beneath. She smiled. Someone touched her shoulder. She roused and turned around. It was Prince. He looked confidently in her eyes and said:
    - Now, that I completed my part of the deal, it is time for you to complete yours.
    - I?m already working on it, my Prince. Now if you excuse me, I?d like to be alone for some time ? she said, pointing the doors with her eyes.
    - Of course, my Princess ? Prince said and added just before he left ? oh, and thank you for the hospitality. It?s most appreciated.
    Karina smiled. She looked down for a moment and then looked at Prince again. He turned to the door and began walking away.
    - Wait ? she said. ? It's been a very long time, my Prince, and I think I?d like to take advantage of your presence now. I missed you.
    - If you have other requests for me, my Princess, I?d be glad to fulfill them ? Prince said as if he was discussing business matters, but also smiling, because he knew what would follow and was ready to do it.
    - Yes, my Prince. I have a very special request ? Karina said.
    She walked to one of the paintings hanging on the wall and lifted it. There were buttons beneath it. She pressed some of them and the wall moved to open another room with paintings and golden decorations on the walls, window on the same wall, with the other 2 windows and her throne. In the center of the room there was a big bed with plenty of soft silk bed sheets, blankets and pillows on it. Karina smiled with beautiful lust in her eyes and smile, a unique expression only Zev could make. Prince disappeared, leaving only a yellow silhouette behind and appeared at the same moment on the bed, but naked. Only a single soft yellow sheet was covering him from his midriff to his knees. Zev loosed her golden cloak, which graciously fell behind and started unbuttoning her wonderful blue dress.
    - Let me help you ? Prince said, unbuttoning the last button and baring her shoulders.

    Ralek flew over the large hole the Little Lexx had made.
    - What have you done, Yasen? - he said to himself. ? You would never blow up a chunk of a planet with people on it, just to kill me. Unless? unless you have succeeded.
    He looked up in the sky. The black atmosphere over this spot was still not thick enough, so he could see the big strange bug in the sky and the moth going in it. He knit his brows and took the same weapon, that Yasen had out of his pocket. He looked at its left side. A small screen showed 5 red and five blue lines. He put it back in his pocket and aimed the moth at the big bug.

    Prince and Zev were now both naked and were rolling on the bed in each other?s hug, pressed against each other. When they stopped rolling, Karina was on Prince, who ravenously kissed her as if he would bite off her lips. She pressed herself harder to his body. Her breasts were battered on his chest. They continued their aggressive kiss. She tore her lips from his and turned around. Prince viciously kissed her shoulder, while her soft white hair was covering most of his face. She began shaking her body over him, rubbing his member with her bottom. He sighed in excitement. She turned her face, as much as she could, to see a flame gleaming in his eyes for a moment. As soon as she saw this sign that he had reached ?the limit of the ultimate sexual ecstasy?, she turned around and grabbed his throat with her hands. She rose up in the position where she would press his throat hardest and look him in the eyes. He grabbed her arms, but in this moment he was too weak to struggle.
    - You can?t kill me, Karina, so why are you risking to make me your enemy? ? Prince hardly managed to ask.
    - You already are my enemy, Isembard. I just want to know why you are here, that?s all ? nicely explained Karina.
    Prince did another attempt to struggle his way out. He failed.
    - As you know, my Prince, we are both very good with pain, but since now you are in a weaker position, I suggest you answer me.
    - Go ahead! Crush my throat, so I come back after you and I will defeat you! Don?t believe me? Ask Duke! ? Prince said.
    - Oh, no, no, no, my Prince, I wouldn?t dare, but I can call my guards any time, and they will torture you in a way even you can never imagine and you will never die. Answer me now! Why are you here!
    - My business is of no concern to you! Fulfill your part of the deal and I will leave you and you will never see me again.
    - You are lying! ? Zev shouted.
    Suddenly Prince disappeared, leaving the ordinary yellow silhouette on the spot where he had been. Karina fell on the bed. Prince appeared behind the bed in his blue clothes.
    - Why am I here? Because my planet was destroyed. Then my second planet was destroyed too. I lost a lot of my powers, but don?t think you have the slightest chance of defeating me, because now I have other powers! ? he angrily said and looked at her, expecting her answer.
    She turned around and looked at him in surprise.
    - You managed to lose 3 planets? And how, may I ask, did this happen? You realize that if this were true, the whole balance would be upset, everything would be messed up!
    - Yes. Haven?t you felt at least a slightest change, my silly Princess?
    Karina looked away from him, thinking for a moment. Then she looked at him again and said with determination:
    - Then you are weak and I can defeat you.
    Prince?s face darkened, he growled, rose his arms and disappeared again.
    Lexxian forever :)

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    This Karina woman is just as evil, if not moreso than Prince. Enjoying the story.

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