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    503's about time Prince gets some; even though it was sorta violent and alterior motive-y. Can't wait to read more (also can't wait to see what's gonna happen with Kai!)!
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    This is a very interesting relationship, as if Karina is a a contemporary of Prince & can empathise & criticise - & be his equal, at the least. I often wondered about Prince's origins ..& whether there were any more similar beings.

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    This chapter is a little more boring, but it explains the planet's story, so it's needed for the storyline. Have patience and read it to the end :)

    The Little Lexx stood some distance from the planet motionless. The moth landed near the blue bridge. Stan got out of the moth and looked at it. He hadn?t come to the moth landing area after he and Xev first stepped onboard. Little Lexx?es blue colors were comforting, but he still missed the purple and yellow colours of his old big bug. Xev got out from the other side of the moth and Yasen followed her.
    - Wow! That?s a beautiful ship you have there ? Yasen said, looking around. He looked at the bridge?s center, from where Stanley commanded. He saw a robot head there, whose eyes were blinking.
    Stanley knew that they probably had to use 790 for the protein regenerator, but still wasn?t sure if Xev was ready to face him again. ?Well, she?s a big girl? Stanley thought. He went to 790, turned to Xev and said:
    - Ya know? I think I just figured out how to fix 790!
    - I thought he was beyond repair. That?s what you said, when we found him ? Xev said.
    - Yeah, but now I think I can repair him.
    Stanley took the robot head in his hands and hit him in the bridge. His eyes immediately appeared on the screens and he spoke:
    - I?ll love you forever.
    Yasen watched in amaze.
    - That?s a gay robot head! ? he observed.
    - I?m always gay, when he is around! And I am sad when he?s gone?
    - Stanley? What is going on? ? Xev asked.
    - Ok, Xev, I repaired him alone and he fell in love with me ? Stan explained. - I didn?t wanna tell you, cuz he kept insulting you and Kai and I thought it would have a bad affect on you to hear from him. Besides? I was ashamed! I hate the robot and now he loves me and? This is so embarrassing?
    - It?s ok, Stan. I?m ok ? Xev said. - 790, we need to know whether there is a protein regenerator on the new Lexx.
    - Don?t know, don?t care, as long as my red man is near me!
    - 790, tell me ? Stan said annoyed.
    - Well of course not! It was made on the Cluster and was brought onboard the old Lexx after he was built. However?
    - What, 790? ? Stan asked. ? We are in a hurry! - added after a moment of silence.
    - The parts required to build one might be onboard the Little Lexx. It will take time to find them and put them together, but it?s worth trying.
    - Where are those parts?
    - I don?t know, but your gorgeous self, Little Lexx and I can search together!
    - How long will it take, 790, we?re running out of time ? Xev asked without much enthusiasm in her voice.
    - I?m sorry, I don?t speak to ugly fat meat balls, turned into relatively good-looking sluts!
    Xev looked at 790 insulted.
    - 790, you watch your mouth, or I?ll throw you in space! ? Stanley reproached the robot.
    - I?m sorry, Manly Stanley, I was just trying to make her leave, so we could be alone!
    - It?s not gonna happen, 790, Now tell us, how long?
    - Dunno. Could take days. Days, filled with love between two hearts! Days, in which I?ll be next to you? ? Stanley, Xev and Yasen looked at 790 in disbelief of his confidence, that he was for real - ?Days, which I?ll spend licking your body, starting with the head, going down, through the shoulders, the chest, the abdomen, until I finally reach?
    - Stop it! ? Stanley shouted. ? You are the most disgusting robot I ever met! Just begin the search, while we go to the cryochamber and discuss the situation.
    - Actually, I think he?s quite creative ? Yasen said, trying not to laugh.

    Priest and Bunny were lying naked on the bed in their room. Prince appeared in front of them.
    - Get dressed. ? he calmly commanded.
    - Uhm, yes, my Prince ? Priest stood up and hurried to fulfill his command.
    - We were in the middle of something here! ? Bunny fell out.
    - We have a much more important business now, than your? - Prince made a face of disgust ? hanky-panky!
    - Uh, what, my Prince? ? the loyal servant asked?
    - Karina is probably not gonna help us. In order to do, what we?re here to do, we must either do it secretly and quietly or seize this planet. I prefer the second way. It's more... fun!
    - Aaand how do we do that, my Prince?
    - That we have yet to discover ? he answered. ? One thing I am sure of ? it will take a lot of? destruction. And tragic losses of lives too.
    - Do we have to kill someone? ? Bunny asked with her typical na?ve and unwilling-to-do-bad-things tone.
    In response, Prince just made his evil smile.

    Stan, Xev and Yasen walked into the cryochamber. It looked exactly as the one on the previous Lexx.
    - So, the way I see it, we freeze you both until we manage to build the protein regenerator ? Stanley said.
    - I don?t see any other way either. But before that I?d like to hear the whole story ? she said to Yasen.
    - Well, now that I see you?re gonna help me, I can trust you ? he said. ? As you may have noticed there are 3 solar systems here, each with one live-bearing planet in it. Ramma had strong people, who were grown up as soldiers. Their culture required it, although they lived in peace. Terask was highly advanced and Mila was the weakest of the three. Terask first managed to send messages to the other two and gradually all three had almost the same equipment and were constantly in contact. We all lived in peace and helped each other. One day, Mila did something to angry Ramma, so Ramma declared war to it. They won of course. They killed most of Mila?s population and began using it as a dumping ground, a dustbin. Mila soon became so polluted, that it could no longer support life. Those who breathed its air, became older in a matter of minutes and soon died. The remaining Milanians built their buildings higher and higher, because the polluted air was heavier and was lower, but the pollution continued and soon they couldn?t breathe. They developed a vaccine against the poisons in the air. It also added some other superpowers to them, so they became stronger and declared war to Ramma. With their injections, they managed to win. All Rammans were killed. But then instead of taking their planet, they build a large bomb and blew the whole planet up. You can see its remains outside ? shaped as asteroids. Then the Milanians decided to make their injection profitable ? they began selling it to those who wanted to visit their planet, or who wanted superpowers. Like criminals. Soon a lot of criminals on my planet, Terask, began using it and the police could no longer manage to deal with them. Anarchy was coming. The President decided to buy enough injections from the Milanians, so everyone had the same superpowers and the order would be restored. But after that there would be no more requests for their special liquid, so the Milanians added another composition to their invention, which would make the one using it, addicted and dependable on it. Those who used it once, had to use it over and over, to remain alive.
    - That?s awful! ? Xev said.
    - And it?s not all ? Yasen continued. ? Taresk declared was on Mila, because they didn?t want to be blackmailed anymore. Mila managed to win again somehow. Now the remaining Teraskians search milanian buildings on their planet, go in them as spies and destroy them. I was a spy on the building you came in and I was after Ralek, who was running it. He was preparing a large attack on Terask. I had to destroy their building with all their ships and weapons before they attacked. I made a bomb I was about to leave and detonate it, when your ship involved. The bomb is still there.
    - What about the antidote? ? Stan asked.
    - Scientists on my planet are making it right now. They recently discovered the formula, but it was hard to find the compositions. Now we have them all and we?re almost ready. All our people are working on it. That?s why an attack right now would be fatal for us.
    - Yes, it will be ? a hoarse voice was heard. Ralek had entered the cryochamber and had pointed his weapon at Yasen.
    Xev immediately recognized him:
    - Ralek.
    - I?m so flattered you know my name, cuty! I?m here to offer you some more injections. Are you willing to buy?
    - We have no money ? Xev said.
    - That?s too bad then. You?re gonna die ? Ralek shortly explained.
    Lexxian forever :)

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    Great chapter, I love the dialogue between 790 and Stan.

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    awsome keep up the fabulous writing
    God may have created man before woman, but there is allways a rough draft before the masterpiece

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    Hillarious! :smt023
    I really like this fic...
    Very lexxy, very sexy and a great deal of fun... :smt023 :-D
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    - What are you doing here, Ralek? ? Yasen asked.
    - Ensuring my future, full of money, of course.
    - And what will you do with it? On a planet with no air to breathe? A doomed sad life.
    - There?s no more life left on Mila. They ? said Ralek pointing at Stan and Xev ? destroyed it. Now, I?m sure a decently rich man could live happily on Terask.
    - Not a chance. Even if you get there, they will find and kill you, they won?t let you live, not there, not anywhere. You are the enemy, who destroyed a planet and is trying to destroy another one.
    - Yeah, whatever. Your planet is not that pure as you think, Yasen. As I said, a decently rich man could live happily there.
    - Over my dead body ? Yasen said with determination.
    - That could easily be arranged ? Ralek calmly said. ? Just before you die, I wanted you to know, your mighty bomb was discovered and is now taken to Terask, to blow it up. A small squad will crush any resistance.
    - But I thought there was no life on Mila now ? Xev involved. - I thought all your comerades were dead.
    - True and falce. All survivors are attacking Terask tight now, so there's noone on Mila ? Ralek said.
    - You won?t win. You can?t win ? Yasen desperately said.
    Suddenly the floor shook. Ralek reeled and his gun fell out of his hand. That was enough for Yasen to take his gun out and point it at Ralek.
    - Think before you kill me ? Ralek said. ? What could this shake mean? Do you remember what happened on our 2 planets when Ramma was blown up? Could this be the hit wave from Terask's explosion?!? - Ralek asked with ironic tone.
    Yasen?s face went light.
    - You can?t have succeeded! ? he said.
    - A rather accurate mission. We discovered that you were a spy long ago and we knew of your bomb. We thought that instead of making another mighty bomb ourselves, we could use yours. Against you. We wanted to make you leave with it and bring it unknowingly on Terask, but you managed to prepare yourself to leave unnoticed. If that large bug hadn?t stepped in the picture, Mila would be asteroids by now. But thanks to it we searched our facility, found the bomb and shot it to your planet with our ships.
    - No, you just can?t destroy Terask just like that ? Yasen refused to believe.
    - Go to the bridge and see for yourself ? Ralek said.
    - Walk in front of me.
    While all this was happening, Stan and Xev just stood and watched. They had involved in something very big, something that this time might kill slowly and painfully one of them.
    - So let?s go to the bridge with them ? Stan said.
    - Stan ? Xev began making a statement ? I just want you to know, that? if that planet gets destroyed and there is no antidote? it?s been nice?
    - Stop it, Xev! ? Stan interrupted. ? You are not dying!
    Xev sighed and walked towards the bridge. What they saw there wasn?t pleasant.
    - Too bad you missed it, my love! ? 790 said. ? A terrific explosion!
    Yasen looked at the screen with tears in his eyes. Ralek stood in front of him with his hands on the neck, smiling. The screen showed the half blown up Mila. Asteroids were flying into it, loosing themselves in its atmosphere and producing small short flares, lightening Mila's black sky.
    - Little Lexx, show us Terask ? Stan said.
    - What is Terask, Stan? ? Little Lexx asked.
    - It should be now left from here ? Yasen exlained.
    - Turn left, Lexx ? Stanley commanded.
    Lexx showed a large asteroid field. Some ships were flying around. Ralek laughed.
    - You, son of a? - Yasen said. He raised his gun and aimed it at Ralek.
    - No, don?t kill him. He might know something about the antidote ? Stanley put his hands on the gun.
    - He destroyed my planet ? Yasen said.
    - Yes, but do you wanna be a killer too? ? Xev asked.
    - Of course he does! ? Ralek shouted. ? He wanted to blow my planet up. I simply win. Everyone is bad in a war, darling!
    Yasen shot his gun. Xev shouted. A green bolt of light flew out of the gun into Ralek?s chest. He stepped backwards, towards the screen and the bridge?s edge. Blood was pouring out of the wound. He couldn?t make a noise, he knew he was dying. Yasen shot once more and the inertia from the shot was enough to push Ralek over the bridge. There was no sound from his fall, it was too high.
    - Great! Now how are we gonna cure Xev?! ? Stanley angrily asked Yasen, looking at him with blame.
    - There is a hospital some distance from here. It can cure her. The planet?s name is Lekar ? Yasen unemotionally answered and pointed the gun to his head.
    - No, this won?t help ? Xev said, but Yasen pulled the trigger and fell dead on the floor.
    Xev and Stan watched silent and amazed. They both knew there was little chance of survival for Xev. They knew they had once more taken part in a mass murder of innocent people. They had got used to it. Kai died, Xev was dying, they realized their adventure was coming to its end. Stan looked at Xev with a lot of sadness in his eyes. She looked down.

    Xev lied in the cryopod and Stan was working on the appliance next to it. 790 was on the floor, looking at both of them.
    - Not this way, gorgeous! ? the robot said.
    - Then how, stupid robot head?! ? he asked.
    - Simply press the 3rd button from the left, then the second and the big one.
    - Well, that?s exactly what I was about to do ? he said.
    Xev looked at one side, waiting to be frozen, but without any hope, that she would live. She didn?t wanna live without Kai anyway. Maybe the destiny would meet them in an afterlife. Although Prince might be there too and they wouldn?t remember anything of their previous life, Kai would be alive, so would she and they could be together.
    - Xev, don?t give up ? Stan said. ? We?ll find that hospital, they will cure you and than we will find that planet we?ve been looking for since forever. With the hot guys and girls and all. Everything will be ok.
    - No, Stan. It?s over. It finished when Kai died ? Xev answered.
    - No. I won't lose you. Even without him, we are alive and we can manage to live happily!
    - Maybe you can, Stan.
    Stanley pressed the big button and the cover closed. A noise of moving air was heard. Xev closed her eyes in the cryopod.
    - You won?t die and that?s it ? Stan said to himself. He looked at the robot head. It was smiling and looking at him with lust.
    - We are alone, Stan. I?m all yours!
    - Not that I want ya ? he answered. ? We will search now for the parts of the protein regenerator, 790.
    - But Stan! Xev is now dead meat in a freezer! Just like Kai was! Don?t waste anymore time on her!
    - Shut up, 790. She?s my friend. Now you either help me, or I?ll throw you over the bridge.
    Stan bent to get 790 and started walking to the bridge.
    - Stan ? he heard Xev?s voice. He startled, it couldn?t be, she should be already frozen stiff! He turned around. Xev was looking at him from the cryopod. He opened it.
    - It isn?t working. It isn?t cooling me ? Xev said.
    Stan looked angrily at 790.
    - I thought you knew how I should close it! ? he said.
    - Well, that?s the way. But maybe Little Lexx is too young to produce the cold needed for Xev to freeze. Unless we find that hospital, she?s lost. And I?m overjoyed!!
    Before Stan or Xev could react the Lexx started shaking again. This time harder and repeatedly. They ran to the bridge to see that the small ships from Mila were attacking them. They shot big green lights at Little Lexx and those were so strong, that they made him move evrytime they hit. Since his weapon was designed to destroy whole planets, not small ships they were most probably finally doomed, as Xev said.

    It's been great fun writing this. The next chapter will be the last one from my first episode :)
    Lexxian forever :)

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    I hope it's not the end for Xev and Little Lexx.

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    Enjoyed the chapters very much and it?s wonderful you?re bringing Kai back....can?t wait how and when...(surely when there?s trouble enough..*smile*)....

    Please write on, it?s so good!!!!

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    This chapter was great.
    Really loved it.
    Where five hamlets are the unit for judgments, supremacy is attained; where ten hamlets are the unit for judgments, there is merely strength.
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